Monday, December 27, 2010

Sundresses and Snowstorms

This is what it looks like outside of my apartment today. We've had 20 inches of snow fall and it's insanity outside.

But I want to take you to a different place, where you don't have to wear ugly shoes and trudge through waist high snow. After London I headed over to Israel for a few days to visit my sister. The temperature rose by 50 degrees and I spent my days either playing with my niece and nephews or lying in the sun, reading trashy magazines. Good times.

It also meant that I got to wear a new dress that I had picked up on the Evans sales rack the week before in London.

Can we have a moment of silence where we appreciate how little clothing I am wearing and how sunny it is. Ok, thank you.

The best part of the dress is the crocheted back. I love details like this and yes, next time I'll wear a black bra.

I have little on, but as for details my dress is from Evans, my flip-flops are Havianna's, my bag is Botkier and I picked up these sunglasses at a market in Turkey.

My hair piece was purchased at the Bust craftacular a few years ago and I think I got these earrings at a NYC street fair. My wonderful sister was both my tour guide and photographer for the day.

And just because I am a woman obsessed, here's a photo of my sister's "baby." It's official, my nephew is cuter than yours.


  1. you look fantastic! love the dress

  2. Here in Poland it is winter and snowing. You put pictures in a dress where the sun shines. Bad girl ;)

  3. Don't tell me you are wearing that dress even it snowstorms?

  4. What a great dress! I love the sleeves! It looks wonderful on you, maybe especially the bust area.

  5. I'm not wearing the dress in the snowstorm, but if I put on some leggings, boots and a cardi I think it would actually work quite well. The detailing at the bust gives me some faux cleavage which I'm appreciating.

  6. the back is a show stopper for sure! I love that golden light you captured! It makes me just yearn for sunlight in the middle of my (currently harsh) Michigan winter!

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  8. Whoop to the dress!! And all the Londinium purchases! More next time you're over please Bloomie...
    Kari xx

  9. a perfect plus size dress and a beautiful you.