Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Poll Time

I consider myself lucky for a whole lot of reasons that I won't get into at the moment, save for one. Hand-me-downs. Oh, I love hand-me-downs and I'm lucky that so many of my friends like to dress me in their cast-offs. I'm even more lucky that I have friends who are my size or close enough to it that I can rock their hand-me-downs.

My friend T has recently changed clothing sizes. She has to sell most of her clothing in order to buy some new stuff that fits, but she has generously offered to give me one of her dresses, but I'm having trouble figuring out which one to take. Help me please.

Option 1

The first dress has a naughty secretary edge to it. It's from Torrid and it's a size 18. T thinks I should choose this dress because I don't have my pencil dresses, nor do I have many animal print articles of clothing.

Now with flash

It looks really good from behind. Highlights my assets dontchya think?

Option 2

The second dress is a little Dorothy Perkins number in a UK20. It's polka dots which I love and I think I may get some more use out of it, but as T points out, I have a lot of things like this already in my wardrobe.

Without flash

This dress however does not do much for me from the back. In fact I think it hurts in the back. No bootylicious tightness, in fact it's a bit bunchy up top.

Lord I am indecisive, which is why I always end up with 8 dresses every time I go to Ross. So help a girl out. Am I naughty secretary or am I sweet polka dots?

Photo credit goes to T.

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Getting Hot in Here take off all your clothes.

Honestly it has been so damn hot and sticky in NY this past week that if I could come to the office in a bikini I would. But we're a non-profit, not the beach so sometimes you have to wear clothing even when you don't want to. I know my life is so difficult isn't it.

So instead I turned to my new favorite thing - shorts. I can't begin to tell you how shocking it is for me to type those words as I spent YEARS of my life running and screaming in the opposite direction of shorts. But you know what, when it's 90+ degrees outside they're really comfortable. My name is bloomie, I am wearing shorts and I love them. It's official. Hell has frozen, pigs are flying and they're purple.

You've seen these shorts before in the outfit where I was trying to look like someone else, but I wanted to show you what they look like on bloomie when I'm not not trying to look like anyone but myself. Not bad right? I told you, Ross is a magical place.

I've paired my shorts with a hand me down top for my beloved Mirka. Who says sequins should be relegated to the weekend? Not I.

I wanted to wear some gorgeous necklace that dipped into my cleavage in just the right spot, but it was too hot for something on my neck so instead I threw on some earrings that I got in India.

And topped the outfit off with some sandals I got in India as well.

Limited clothing while still work appropriate. Not bad at all I say.

Photo credit goes to Pamie.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ross Love!

I know I owe all of you a post and I can't wait to show you my mermaid parade costume but I've been sick for over a week now and haven't had the energy to post.

However, a friend sent me this video and since I am regularly teased about my love for Ross I had to share it with all of you. Hope it makes you laugh as much as it makes me laugh.

And on a completely unrelated note, GO TEAM USA!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All Black Again

I know you're all wondering "what is going on?" But this is an all black bloomie outfit. You see me in this outfit, it's not like the last all black outfit I posted where I looked like a totally different person.

I was headed to Greenpoint for the Spring Bustcrafacular and I figured if I was going to hang with hipsters, I might as well play the part. Plus, since as you all know I'm conflicted about the appropriateness of lace leggings in the office, I look for as many weekend opportunities to wear them as I can.

I have to say the Spring Craftacular (which I was reminded of by JG - thanks darling!) was a bit of a bust. There were only 40 or so vendors and save for 2 or 3 of them, I'd seen all of them a million times before. I only ended up buying one thing if you can believe it - a moustache necklace. I promise to show it to all of you soon.

Leggings are Lane Bryant
Bag is Botkier
Headband is from a Brooklyn street fair

I love the back of this tunic, it's what makes it special and takes it up a notch from just a plain black top.

Bejewelled sandals are from New Look

And finally in something that has nothing to do with fatshion at all, I need to show you a picture of what I ate in Greenpoint.

What's that you ask? Why it's a red velvet doughnut, ice cream sandwich. Are you dying yet?

Photo credit goes to my beloved Mirka who was also the searcher out of this amazing doughnut shop that not only had incredible doughnuts, but was also straight out of the 50's in the most amazing way possible. They had a rotary phone people, a rotary phone!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Garden Party

I feel like I should be heading off to a garden party. Instead I wore this outfit to the office for a 14 hour work day on one of the ridonkulously hot and humid days we had last week. Some days summer in NY is wonderful and other days the weather makes you want to slit your wrists. This was a wrist slitting day.

I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it hanging on a very crowded rack at Ross in North Carolina last month. I mean how can you not smile when you see this dress? It's about as close to summer in a dress as you can get.

With a dress as busy as this you have to be restrained with accessories. So even though there was this beautiful neckline and exposed chest just begging for a necklace, I held back for once and just threw on some earrings that were a perfect match to the green in my dress. I got them in a random store in Mexico, so there's no link.

I did save a teensy bit of bling for my feet though. I honestly cannot believe these sandals are still in one piece. I got them a few summers ago from Payless and I'm shocked they haven't disintegrated into nothingness. Of course now that I've said that they'll probably break the next time I wear them.

Photo credit goes to Nicole.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vintage Nightie

I was going to post another all black outfit, but I figured I needed to even out the last outfit with a fun and colorful post, otherwise you'd all start to think I went goth. While I may be slightly vampire obsessed these days, I am most definitely not goth.

I'm actually wearing 2 "dresses" in this outfit. The under layer is an elongated tank top dress (seen here in pink) and the top is a vintage nightie. Yes, a ruffled, fluorescent coral vintage nightie. Jealous much?

Unsurprisingly I got this nightie at Re/Dress NYC over a year ago. I was lured by the color and and ruffles but was worried that I would never have anywhere to wear it. It turned out to be a reasonable worry as it ended up sitting in a bag for a year. My friend and I still laugh at how the Re/Dress shopgirls tried to convince me that it would be the perfect outfit for brunch. I didn't quite agree with that statement, but I did purchase it and then it sat in a bag in my room for ages until I finally pulled it out a few weeks ago and hung it up in my closet. I still didn't know where or how I would wear it, but at least now I saw it every time I opened my closet and was tempted and reminded to wear it.

Then Re/Dress threw a butch fashion show and I decided to wear my nightie to it - woo hoo! As you can see I layered the nightie over a Brooklyn Industries tank dress and paired it with my favorite silver wedges from Office. In what I thought was a funny moment a girl ran up to me, gushing how much she loved my dress and how I needed to purchase, to which I responded "I already did, I own this." Tee hee hee.

I ended up loving the outfit and have decided I need more occasions to get dressed up in my crazy, coral nightie. So dear readers send me party invitations, or if you don't mind the amused stares, just invite me to brunch. After all it is my most favorite meal of the week, no reason I shouldn't dress up for it, right?

Photo credit to T-Pops.