Friday, November 19, 2010

London is Calling

Blargh, I've been a failure of a blogger as of late. I could give you all sorts of reasons, but suffice it to say I have sucked at blogging and keep abandoning my readers. I'm so sorry about that. I know I hate it when bloggers I like appear, disappear, appear, disappear and now I'm stuck in that cycle myself.

But tonight I leave for two weeks of much needed vacation so I'm hoping there will be lots of time to blog. My first stop is a week in my beloved London. A city that I adore for many reasons, but of most interest to you is the shopping that I plan to do there. It's been a year and a half since I've visited (my longest time away in years) and I cannot wait to hit up the high street. Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Monsoon...oh my!

I'm pretty good with London inbetweenie/fatty shopping but if any of you have must not miss suggestions please send them my way. If there's a new vendor at a market or a small boutique I can't miss or some shoe store that you think I'll love, I want to hear about it. Also I always skip the department stores but is that a mistake?

And I know some of you have asked to meet up the next time I came to town. I don't know if there's still any interest in that but if there is email me or let me know in the comments.

See you on Oxford Street!


  1. hi, i'm a fellow blogger but from london, make sure you go to camden town where they have the aldo store which sell all items at a dicounted price! its on the high street so just ask anyone when you get there! Dont forget regent st for the h&m flagship store where they sell the B&B range! check out anne harvey next to monsoon on oxford street the clothes are a little grown woamn but they have cheaper boots that fit our kinda calfs! happy shopping!

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  3. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! You're probably back from your trip (given the date of this post?) but I hope it was fabulous! Can't wait to hear about your shopping finds!

  4. Depends on your size. If you are between a US 12-16 I would definitely check out any of the department stores, even the high end ones like Selfridges.

    Jane norman is fantastic if you have small hips compared to your waist- h&m's b&b range should only be considered if you have a large stomach. If not then just shop in their standard section as the shapes tend to be more flattering and fashionable. Dorothy Perkins is always good. As is miss selfridge and Zara (for knitwear)