Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sequins Aren't Just for Saturday

I'm trying not to reserve sparkly clothes just for special occasions so yesterday I wore both sequins and feathers to the office and (at least in my mind) felt like I was still understated, restrained and office appropriate. I think it's because the vast majority of my outfit was black and though the urge to add more color was huge, I managed to resist. What do you think?

A lot of what I'm wearing was brand new. I love when I'm getting dressed and I cut off a clothing tag. Yesterday I got to do that twice.

Top - Evans
Skirt - Forever 21
Tights - Old Navy
Earrings - Primark

Even though I hadn't thought I had a reason to dress up, turns out that I did. Illinois' state Senate voted to repeal the death penalty! It was a big day of celebration in my office and it turns out we had a reason for sparkles after all!

Photo credit goes to the delightful Miss A.


  1. Feathers, fur, sequins, unusual textures always get their way into my heart. I'm all good with you mixing feathers and sequins and looking fabulous!

  2. So I'm more of a sequins for no occasions kind of person, as opposed to a sequins for all occasions. But I think you managed (barely;)) to look office appropriate, I really like the length of that skirt, and I just love those tights with all the black:=)

  3. Totally love the skirt. I love it so much I want it but u nfortunately I could never wear it to the office.
    you look great.

  4. That sequin mini is so fun! I love it and I'm so glad to see you rock it out to work! Good clothes shouldn't just be for going out!
    Oh, and to answer your question on my blog. I wear a size 3 in Hue tights... generally I can find some in that size at Macy's on sale... if I'm lucky and look hard!

  5. Even your big you can actually make fashion to that body. Awesome! I love it.

  6. There is no feeling like the first time you wear a new garment. Popping off that tag, putting it on and strutting out the door, it's just awesome.

    I think I need to wear my sequins to work.

  7. The most beautiful and confident woman! Scarves Scarves

  8. As usual, you look really pretty in these photos, especially the first two. Post more!