Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ugly Boots, Cute Scarf

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We've been having a rough. snowy winter in New York which means that I've been stuck wearing ugly shoes fairly often. I bought these hiking boots a decade ago when my family went on a cruise to Alaska and since then they've basically functioned as ugly, but sufficient winter boots. On the upside they keep my feet nice and dry so I try and focus on that and make the best out of a bad shoe situation. After all I'm wearing a purple scarf with elephants on it, how bad can the outfit be?

<span class=IMG_1949.JPG">

Skirt - Torrid, seen before several times.
T-Shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Cardi - Banana Republic
Tights - Old Navy
Earrings - Mexico
Hiking boots -EMS
Socks - Dad
Scarf - In the pound bin at Spittlefields Market

<span class=IMG_1952.JPG">

And finally I have to give you a close-up of my eyeliner, which is the first time in my life I saw a makeup product reviewed in a magazine and then actually went out and bought it. I don't normally wear eye makeup because I'm too blind to apply it unless I'm wearing contacts and I don't normally wear contacts. I do however wear contacts in snow or rain because those make my glasses fog up making it impossible to see. It was snowing, so I wore contacts and was able to wear my new liquid gold eyeliner from Bobbi Brown. How fun is it!

Photo credit goes to Miss. A.


  1. love both the scarf and the eyeliner and I live in Canada, so I know all about ugly but essential boots.

  2. I love your style and confidence.

  3. I think my favorite thing about this outfit is the brown cardigan:) It might be partly because I connot get the long cardigan look to work for me no matter what I do:( Oh, and I love the eyeliner!

  4. Oh those poor maligned boots. They work so hard for you! ;-)

  5. speaking of Bobbi Brown..they are offering a Valentine's gift day event which they will give a great discount for some limited stuff..maybe I'm going for their Limited Edition Modern Classic Lip & Eye Palette.

  6. That scarf is sooo cute. Love, love, love, love, love. Can you get any cuter than elephants? Just a great accent piece.
    Kristina J.

  7. the idea behind teh blog is great!!


  8. Those boots are not either ugly. I LOVE the colors you're wearing! Pretty pretty!

  9. They look like sister colors, navy, violet and purple. I guess why you called your boots us ugly because it's not fit on the colors of the dress right?

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