Sunday, November 1, 2009

I love me some Halloween


I LOVE Halloween. Love it! Combine costumes, the opportunity to dress in an absolutely ridiculous manner, carve pumpkins, eat oodles of candy and you have a very happy bloomie. I wasn't allowed to celebrate Halloween as a kid, so I do it extra big as an adult.

For the past few years I've been dressing as fat cartoon characters. Last year I was Miss. Piggy and the year before that I was Ursula from the Little Mermaid. I was planning on dressing up as the Queen of Hearts this year but when we went shopping at Re/Dress I ended up trying on a pair of gold sequined hot pants that I loved and was convinced to buy them and make them the focus of my costume instead. All the lovely Re/Dress shopgirls tried to convince me that I should buy the hot pants and just wear them to brunch, but while I like to push the envelope, gold sequin booty shorts at brunch is a bit much even for me. See folks, I do have some limits.

Dani and T-Pops were trying to get me to be Lady Gaga since I was ostensibly going to be wearing underwear as outerwear, but I knew there'd be a million other Lady Gaga's so I passed and instead decided to make up my very own superhero costume. And so, I give you VOTER GIRL, here to save Gotham from term limit extensions, one billionaire at a time. It was a bit of a mouthful to spit out at a loud, crowded party and it was a bit of a geeky idea, but oh well, that's me. Can anyone guess who I'm not voting for this Tuesday?

Outfit details. The top and bottom are both from Re/Dress and the bottoms are from Size Queen. The tights are from We Love Colors and I have to say while I love the color selection I have been very unhappy with the quality of their product as everything has ripped at first wearing. Boots are from Duo and the wig is from years ago. The purple top is an old Gap tank top that I spray painted with my Voter Girl logo and I'm wearing my purple vote necklace. My cape I got at a Halloween store and with assistance from my wonderful co-worker we made some stencils and I spray painted the cape and added some NYS voter registration forms. It's kind of amazing, isn't it?


Finally, Halloween isn't just for the weekend for me, I bring it into the office as well. On Friday I dressed up for the office. This wasn't completely appropriate since I had a meeting that morning, but it was with an affiliate so I figured it was ok. My dress is a large from Forever 21, leggings are from Danskin and the orange cardigan is originally from Bendel's, but is a JLR hand-me-down (thanks love!). Wig again is from years ago, boots are Duo and the bat headband is from last Halloween.


How was your Halloween, what did you dress up as?


  1. love it! voter girl is my fave super heroine!