Monday, November 16, 2009

Underneath the poncho

Underneath my poncho

I know I promised to post a photo of what was underneath my poncho the very next day, but it would be generous to call this past week the week from hell at work and all I could even contemplate when I got home from the office was food, beer, some utterly mindless television to distract me from the "AAAAHHH" of work and sleep. Not much time for fatshion.

But I'm making up for it now cause I really like this outfit and it wasn't at all what I was planning on wearing when I woke up that morning. Sometimes I fixate on one article of clothing and everything is falls into place around that. Sometimes I'm lazy and there's a sweater sitting on a chair and I grab that. Today's outfit was a mix of those two things.

I had bought this skirt during Torrid's clearance sale for something like a whopping $9.74 or something equally ridiculous. Which is what convinced me to bite the bullet and purchase a purple denim, acid wash, mini skirt. When I told my best friend about it I thought she was almost going to disown me. It's ok, we have an agreement. She can think something like this is a nice bag and worth $100 and I can buy things like acid-wash, purple denim. At least most of my fashion risks are inexpensive...sometimes.

Anyways so I got the skirt and loved it, but wasn't sure what to pair it with. My friend Jamie had sent me this enormous box of sweaters in the hopes of urging me to do 30 sweaters in 30 days and I was slowly taking the sweaters from the office back to my apartment where they would inevitably sit on my armchair for a bit before being put away. That is where today's mustard sweater was sitting when I pulled out my new purple skirt and started planning my outfit. Once I had those two key pieces matched the rest of the outfit came together fairly easily.

The tights today are some random brand that I got at Pay/Half and the gorgeous brown boots that I don't wear nearly enough because I'm a total wuss when it comes to heels are from Evans. My necklace is Primark and the earrings are Topshop.

Photo credit goes to Mirka who took the picture in our local movie theater and I have zero recollection of what we saw and it's driving me crazy. Know how I said I was a wuss when it came to heels? I couldn't walk to dinner after the movie I was in so much pain and slowly shuffled the 3 blocks back to my house. If I keep wearing this much color and am unable to handle heels, I may just get kicked out of NY.


  1. high heels suck. don't worry about it. you won't get kicked out of NY.

  2. The real question is do they let you get away with wearing your keens in Paris?