Thursday, July 22, 2010

My New Favorite Summer Dress

Some days an outfit just comes together in a magical sort of way. Today was one of those days.

I picked up this dress at Re/Dress NYC in a mega sale they were having for next to nothing - something like $5. I think it was so marked down because the dress was originally a maxidress, and when I say maxi I mean it was so long it was dragging on the floor when I put it on my 5'4 self. So I took it to my local dry cleaner to get it shortened and ended up spending triple what I spent on the dress getting it shortened. Joy of joys.

I have a not so great history of getting dresses shortened (or really most anything) and getting them an inch or two shorter than I really wanted. I have to thank the lovely folks at my local tailor for reminding me that if I was planning on belting it I needed an extra inch or two. The length ended up being perfect.

I added a pink belt that I got ages ago from Torrid to give the dress some more definition. I tried to restrain my other accessories, but it was difficult when I had the most perfect shoes to go with the outfit.

See these are just absolutely perfect. They're from Topshop and a billion years old but doesn't look it because I rarely have the patience to wear 4 inch wedges. And even though I knew I shouldn't, I threw on some green hoop earrings.

And finally I had to show how my nails matched my outfit perfectly! I promise this was totally unplanned as I painted my nails several days ago. Btw I am obsessed with this tumblr dedicated to nail art.

All in all, the perfect summer dress for the perfect summer day.


  1. CUTE dress. The nails. Well. Pick a color. :-)

  2. I Love that dress!!! Its sooo pretty and summery! :D

    -Christina <3

  3. Tout te va super bien,la chance !

    bon w end ;O)

  4. I love the colors :) I've been a follower of your blog and it's my first time commenting. Thank you for being fabulous :)

  5. Thanks everyone (save for Karen, tee hee). I'm glad you like it as much as I do.

  6. I wear a lot of colors and this dress is amazing, really love it.