Monday, July 26, 2010

Striped Sundresses and Care Packages

I have passions outside of fatshion. Many in fact, but for this post we'll focus on just three of them. Baking, care packages and Jamie.

Jamie, like many of my beloved friends lives far away from Brooklyn in a land called Los Angeles. The distance is difficult, but we try and stay as close as if we lived down the street from one another. One of the ways is our baking tin. Basically Jamie and I bake and then pack it up in the same tin that we cover with stickers and then we ship it cross country. There's always little love notes and sometimes we pack in little presents and then, once in a blue moon I open my box to discover crazy surprises like this. Blondies, a dress and a gorgeous, metallic purple handbag - an early birthday present. Jamie (and Yoni and JuJu spoil me terribly). I do love them so.

As long time readers may remember, I have been the recipient of many wonderful Jamie hand-me-downs over the years, although this wasn't so much a hand-me-down. She said she bought it at Loehmann's, tried it on repeatedly and then finally decided that it really was just calling my name so off to New York she sent it.

I have to say I absolutely LOVE it! It's great and summery and it can stand alone without many accessories, however as you all know I have trouble saying no to accessories. Note the yellow sandals from Old Navy.

My office is so freezing that even though it's 100 degrees outside I always have to have a layer close by. My cute cropped cardi is from Banana Republic and it kills me that they haven't re-issued it as I have loved it to pieces.

My favorite part of the dress is the pockets! Dresses with pockets always make me smile.

And since I can't resist accessories, even though the dress doesn't need them, here you have a closeup of my headband from Dorothy Perkins and my necklace from Primark. Oh dear London (and your shops), I can't wait for my next trip, I've missed you so.

Jamie I hope the dress is just as you imagined it would be on me. I love you and miss you terribly.


  1. I absolutely love the dress and it has pockets!!

  2. I love dresses with pockets too. :) And that cardigan and necklace are so perfect with it!

  3. the dress is too cute... and the the cardi makes it even more cuter the yellow sandals...

  4. I love it! It is WAY better on you than it was on me.

    I have the tin and I've bought the ingredients for it's next delivery. I just have to find some time to bake and decorate.

    I love that I got a post dedicated to me. I read you anyway but this was a delightful surprise. I miss you too.


  5. That is so cool you and your friend do that. And she has good taste cause I love that dress on you :)

  6. Cute Dress! Very California!



  7. That is a really good dress! And you look great in it!
    It sounds like you and Jamie have a great relationship:=)

  8. I agree with all of you - it's a great dress and an even better relationship! Sometimes I think I am spoiled rotten by my amazing friendships.

  9. SUCH a cute dress Bloomie! x

  10. AWESOME dress - it's like summer candy :)

    - Sarah

  11. You wear the best clothes!!! I love going through your blog!

  12. The sundresse looks amazing on you. I might have to steal your style.

  13. That dress is adorable! It reminds me of Fruit Stripped gum, and I mean that in the BEST possible way!