Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cashmere, Cashmere Everywhere

Even thought just yesterday I was complaining about the heat, we're having a bit of a cold spell in NYC (it's going to be in the 80's and rising as of tomorrow) and it got me thinking about fall. Lovely, colorful, beautiful fall.

Fall clothing is filled with tights and boots and my favorite type of clothing - cashmere. I only started investing in cashmere cardigans in the last year or two and I am a convert. Wrapping yourself up in a cashmere cardigan is one of life's pleasures. I always seem to hem and haw over spending the money on a new cardigan before giving in halfway through the season and splurging. This year I'm determined to purchase my cashmere early and wear it for 6 months straight.

I'm a fan of Bloomingdale's in-house line of cashmere cardigans. I love the styles, price point and they have both a straight and plus size line - yay! Here are my 3 favorites. If I can only buy one, which one should I go for?

Option 1 is the ruffle trim duster. I don't have any cardigans with ruffles like this and it comes in 4 different colors. Yet I can't decide if I like the ruffles or hate them. What say you?

Cashmere Exclusively by Bloomingdale's Plus Size Ruffle-Trim Duster

Option 2 is a poncho. I like the idea behind it and it seems like the perfect piece to leave at my office if I'm cold, but I'm not too sure that it's very practical. In my long history of poncho's they usually work better in theory than practice.

Cashmere Exclusively by Bloomingdale's Plus Size <span class=Ruana Poncho">

Option 3 is a simple duster. It's simple and straightforward but I'm afraid the lack of buttons might drive me crazy. On the plus side, it comes in purple and there is a big gaping hole in my closet where some purple cashmere should live.

Cashmere Exclusively by Bloomingdale's Plus Size Duster

So what say you? And please if you have any suggestions for other places to buy myself some long, cozy, cashmere cardigans for less than $250 please let me know. Bloomingdale's has been my go to for the past few seasons but I have no problem stepping out on them.


  1. I vote purple; the ruffles are too trendy and you may regret them in a year or two, the poncho is indeed hard to execute. Plus you have to pull it on and off over your head; not a graceful move at the office. And purple's a great color for you.

  2. ..I vote for purple too..its an awesome color!

  3. Another purple vote. The ruffles will date quickly.

  4. Purple... don't worry about the lack of buttons since you can always wear it with a belt.

  5. Thanks for all the feedback. I'm gonna head up to Bloomie's this week or next and hope to try them all on in person. I'm glad everyone went for the purple as well!