Monday, August 16, 2010

The Best Black Skirt

As is very apparent to even the most casual of readers, I am dress lady. Sometimes I stray and cheat and wear leggings, skirts and even {gasp} pants but I am most loyal to dresses. There is however a huge exception to that rule and it is the American Apparel Interlock Pencil Skirt. Its' versatility is huge - you can dress it up, dress it down, tuck your top in, pull it out, wear it high-waisted or down low, miniskirt or to the knee. Plus it is SO COMFORTABLE! Can you tell that I'm a woman obsessed?

Here is one version of my beloved black skirt. I'm wearing my skirt (in an xl) with a Torrid cherry boob tube tucked in and my favoritest red belt from Ross and wedges from Office. Sorry for the lack of close-ups but my friend Raren was a blog photo taking virgin and didn't quite take all the close-up shots I like to have. I think part of that may have to do with the fact that we were in Bloomingdales (attempting to find me the perfect new pair of sunglasses to make prescription - I think we failed) so we didn't want to be taking too many photos and get kicked out by security.

I really liked this combination. To me it looks like a retro, slightly special dress, when in reality it's all a bunch of very simple, cotton separates.

My second version of my beloved skirt is a much simpler version of the outfit. Here I've paired it with the best ACLU t-shirt ever which reads "Safe, Free and LGBT" which is also American Apparel (women 2xl). I'm wearing a green belt that I got in a Friday fats sale and slip on plimsoles from Dorothy Perkins that I loved to death. I really need another pair of slip-on sneakers. Anyone have any suggestions?

I paired my low key look with a vintage green and white check jacket that I got in San Francisco. Photo credit here goes to Selene.

Looking at these pictures I'm realizing that at least in the first outfit my skirt really looks like a dress. Is maybe that why I love it so much, because it can pass as a dress? God, I may need to reevaluate my love.


  1. I love your belts. They make your outfits, really!

  2. I love the first version with the cherry top!

  3. Did you actually say you need new slip-on sneakers? Uhm. That's all I wear.

  4. Phwoar! That jacket is a keeper, love it! =D

    xo Mavy

  5. I'm glad you like. I'm deciding whether or not to sell it off to Re/Dress.

  6. I've got to say I really don't like the first version of the outfit, there's isn't enough going on up top to balance you out. However, the second use of the skirt is STUNNING :D
    Devon, xx