Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flowers and Freezing Cold Offices

This has been one of the worst summers in NYC. It has been H-O-T hot. Sticky, humid, 90+ degree, constant heat waves. It has been, in a word, disgusting.

The unrelenting heat outside, combined with the crazy air conditioning in my office and the 110 degree heat in the subway station while I'm waiting for the train makes dressing a complicated affair. I'm shvitzing up until I get to the office at which point I begin to freeze at which point I pull on the same, old Alaska hoodie I've kept at my desk for the past year which is in desperate need of a good washing.

But I digress, back to the outfit at hand. This was a good combination because my legs were covered. As you know I've been wearing a lot of short, summer dresses and since my office is perpetually 55 degrees I'm freezing once I've made it to the office. After I've thrown on my dirty hoodie to warm up my top half I take the other ugly layer I keep at my office - an old Delia's cable cardigan - and use it as a blanket on my bare legs. With this outfit I was able to be be sweater/blanket free (although not hoodie free).

Writing this post makes it abundantly clear that I really need to get it together and bring some nicer layers to keep at my desk.

My leggings are from Danskin and the top is from New Look, a British store that I don't shop at too frequently but that I do have a few great pieces from. I love this top because I can very comfortably wear it without a bra on the weekend and...

it has pockets! And I think I've already blogged plenty on my love of pockets.

The rest of my outfit consists of yellow sandals from Old Navy.

And these cute earrings that Karen got me one year for my birthday.

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  1. elle sent encore l été et les vacances cette tenue ;O)

  2. Your office seems pretty laid back, so I thought of the perfect solution for you. Get a snuggie. Get the leopard one, it is stylish and sassy...LOL But the most important thing is that it is WARM!

  3. I got you those earrings? No memory. Wait til you see this year's present!

  4. I have two favorites: Yvette zip sports bra from Amazon ($29.9) and Champion Molded Cup Racer from Target ($18.99) - love, love, love them!

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