Monday, March 21, 2011

My Vest is Bananas

As much as I hate to admit it, sometimes I watch the Rachel Zoe Project. Half the time I think she looks like a crazy lady (cause let's be real she is) and the other half of the time I love her look. I die, do you die?

When Rachel Zoe first started wearing a furry vest a few years ago I thought she looked ridiculous. I swore I would never, ever wear such a thing. And then, slowly but surely as time progressed I warmed to the look until finally I wanted one of my own. Lesson of the day, don't doubt Rachel Zoe's fashion foresight.

So one night I was shopping at the Atlantic Center Target, aka the Target that never, ever has anything in stock when I came across this vest from their newish juniors plus line Pure Energy and threw it in my cart. I wasn't sure how to wear it, but my wise friend Ateqah just told me to keep everything else simple and I would be ok. As usual, she was right.

I chose a simple black dress as my base. It's a straight sized piece from one of Bloomingdale's in house brands and I got it from a Friday fats sale. I'm wearing some crocheted tights from Target and boots from Evans. My necklace is from the Bust craftacular. Unflattering lighting thanks to the MTA, photo thanks to Ats.


  1. I like this look a lot. It's actually one of my "best dressed" picks for all of the looks on this blog (you will likely insist my feelings come from the fact that this look is mostly all black but I assure you it's not just that).
    As usual, you look beautiful in these photos.
    I am also a big fan of the hair.
    Well done!

  2. love the vest, I've been on the search for one myself!! the outfit looks great :)

  3. Love the vest. I just bought one from Ashley Stewart but I like your vest better. Very cute!!

  4. Love that all black with the fur!

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  6. I love the look and you look beautiful.. iv always wanted to wear boots and tights.. but somehow havent found one that was of my size.. ( i am asian and big! thats a combination that usualy doesnt go togehter!)

    This is my first time posting here.. and i think you are fabulous .. Kudos to you!!