Thursday, March 17, 2011


I joined Twitter and if you're so inclined you should follow me there. Bloomie was taken so I'm @DressWhore . I talk about a lot more than fatshion, but there's plenty of that as well. I haven't yet decided what I think of Twitter, the amount of information coming at me kinda stresses me out. Also it is super not good for my wallet as I keep seeing pretty articles of clothing being posted in tandem with discount codes. In the past week I've bought stuff from Asos, City Chic, and I'm about to purchase a new bikini from Evans. Even with sales and coupons it turns out that the price adds up. This is dangerous land I tell you.

Do you love Twitter and if so why?


  1. how come you thought I was no longer on, does the link not work? Am coming to find you Bloomie xxx

  2. I am a tweeter (@fatheffalump) through and through. But I know what you are talking about when you say that the amount of information can get overwhelming. I prefer to think of it as a fast flowing stream that I can dip my toe in any time, or I can jump in for a bit of a swim. I don't have to swim the whole length of it, I certainly don't have to drink it, but there are plenty of great things I can enjoy from it so long as I don't feel I have to experience EVERYTHING.

  3. I LOVE twitter! (I just followed you - I'm @awesomefrances.) I'm really into the amount of information - when I get up, because America is up while Australia sleeps, I read all the tweets that happened overnight. But because I feel compelled to do that, I only follow ~120 people. Of course there are plenty of people who just read what comes up when they happen to be online.

    I love twitter for the instant news - for example, I was out to dinner when Japan had its earthquake and tsunami, but I heard about it not long afterwards on twitter. I love it for the relationships I can have - many of the fatties I call my friends I got to know on twitter.

    It took some getting used to when I first joined up, but I adore it now.

  4. Ahem. By ~120 I apparently meant ~180 people. Looks like I'm into twitter more than I thought...

  5. I love twitter. It took me a long time to get into it. But, I find it to be pure entertainment and a great way to find out what people are thinking in the moment. I use it to stay in touch with pop culture and get great TV show commentary. It's fluff and giggle and I like it. Just followed you. I'm @geminidreaming

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