Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sometimes I Wear Pants

Not often, not a lot, but sometimes I wear pants. A fact which can take people by surprise. This afternoon I ran into a friend while running errands who commented "I didn't even know you owned jeans." Ha. In fact I own plenty of pants and plenty of jeans. I am after all, a woman who loves options and large wardrobes.

<span class=IMG_2325.JPG">

<span class=IMG_2328.JPG">

The jeans are Not Your Daughter Jeans, purchased for a fraction of their retail price at a Ross in Orlando, Florida. They were this magical, amazing lone pair of jeans in an 18 petite that were just waiting for me to take them home. I've paired the jeans with my beloved purple cowboy boots but it may have been a bad idea. I'm afraid they give me just enough height to make my jeans look an inch too short. Next time I'll stick to flats.

<span class=IMG_2327.JPG">

Almost everything else I'm wearing was a hand-me-down. The t-shirt was from my friend Lauren and the cardigan was from my friend Jamie and both originally came from Anthropologie.

<span class=IMG_2332.JPG">

The crazy necklace once belonged to my Grandmother and I can't quite imagine her ever wearing it. The fascinator was purchased at a Brooklyn street fair.

Jeans are comfortable and keep you warm in the winter, but to me their most fabulous function is that they showcase my ass better than any other article of clothing.

<span class=IMG_2329.JPG">


  1. love the necklace! Cute outfit

  2. Those jeans are awesome! They fit you so well! I don't think they seem short paired up with your boots, but if you're paranoid about that maybe tuck them into the boots?

  3. I love this outfit. The colors really work well together.
    I miss that purple cardi and am not sure why I parted with it! But I am glad you are making beautiful fashion with it.
    I agree with you on the jeans, in the profile they don't look too short but head on they do look a tiny bit short but not awful. Yes, it would be very cute with flats.

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