Thursday, April 21, 2011

Country Chic

Sometimes life is amazing. You tweet "I really need a weekend away" and all of a sudden a friend texts you "wanna go to the Catskills tomorrow?" and you have your weekend away. Life is magical that way.

Off we went for a lovely weekend of sleeping, cooking, drinking, game playing, dancing and general merriment. It was wonderful.

When planning my outfits for the weekend away I wanted to get into the country mood, look decent and be incredibly comfortable and I think I did a good job of it. Honestly I think in the right context throwing a furry vest on anything can make it a bit fabulous in the country.

Outfit sourcing:

Top - Evans
Leggings - Danskin via Ebay
Vest - Target
Boots - Duo
Sunglasses - Swiped from the coffee table, not entirely sure who they belong to. I think they're Ray-Bans.

My photographer for the day is a photo stylist for fancy shoots, can you tell? Also the view from the deck we took photos on is this. Can you imagine how gorgeous this must be in full spring bloom? Apparently spring comes even later to the Catskills than it does to Brooklyn.


  1. Look at you, all "Country weekend chic"!

    Hope you feel all relaxed after some time out of the usual routine.

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  3. Feather made vest just suit the black jeggings and black and white top..!They really look like comforter for winter season.



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