Monday, March 22, 2010

Grecian Goddess

Wow that title makes me sound really self centered, doesn't it? I'm referencing my outfit inspiration, not saying I'm a Grecian goddess, although I did think I looked awfully cute.

With the pop-ups of warm weather we've been having I've been going a bit mad with spring shopping and today I bring you one of my new purchases. I got it from ebay seller Red Dot Boutique and I couldn't recommend them any higher. Their products are well priced, good quality and the service is outstanding. My only issue is that so many of their dresses are hand-wash only and I hate hand washing. I have more than a dozen dresses (possibly even 20 or so) sitting on the floor of my closet just waiting for me to get up the energy to hand-wash them. They have been waiting a very long time.

I love wearing white in the warmer months and this top/tunic/dress (what would you call it?) is one of my new favorites. It is easy and comfortable to wear and the embellishment on the sleeves kicks it up a notch.

I've paired my top/tunic/dress with a pair of American Apparel leggings (great color, crap quality), my evil stepmother "mirror, mirror on the wall" necklace from Forever 21 and sandals from Primark that I had to bin later that evening as they literally fell apart on me. I was grateful that they stayed in one piece long enough for me to make it home. They were awfully cute and I'm sad I had to get rid of them, but they were 6 pounds and sometimes you get what you pay for.

Also don't judge my toes, I haven't gotten a new pedi since February. The unexpected sandal weather took me by surprise.

Photo credit and banh mi sandwich belongs my lovely friend and colleague Amy. Although it looked so good that I went and got one myself 5 minutes later. Sandwich that is, not photo credit.

Finally I just wanted to share this photo I took on Saturday - little kids selling limeade on the sidewalk. I have a strict policy to never pass by a kids lemonade or (in this case limeade) stand without purchasing a glass. Not to mention fifty cents in Brooklyn ain't half bad.


  1. Great look. I like wearing white too when it gets warm. I cant wait!

  2. You look beautiful! I love the whole outfit and I'm sad about your shoes :(

  3. ho made lime aid
    very adorable

    and do call yourself a greek goddess in the "tunic" cuz you look fantastic.

  4. Shante I know, the sign just about broke my heart, it was too cute. I think you're right that it's a tunic, which means I probably can't get away with wearing it just with tights (at least not to work), sad.

    Jen I'm sad about the shoes too, but Primark shoes are never very long lasting - the gem popped out like the second time I wore them. My friend once loved a pair of their sandals so much she bought 5 pairs of them so she'd have em all summer as they broke.

  5. tres jolie tenue !

    ca donne envie d ete nous ici nous quittons doucement l hivers encore ;O)

  6. I totally heart this look. The dress is so utterly cute!

  7. I love this look! Infact I love it so much I made it one of my top looks of the week from the blogsphere at


  8. Just stumbled across this blog via Allison of Last Boat Leaving... and I LOVE THE WHOLE IDEA OF IT!!! Definitely going to follow!