Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Although it pains me to admit this since I relish any occasion to dress in some sort of themed outfit, I forgot that today was St. Patrick's Day. Oops. It wasn't until I got off my subway station at work and was swarmed by Staten Island teenagers resplendent in green that I realized "shit it's St. Patty's Day and I'm not wearing green." Well I'm wearing this, so there's a bit of green but not enough to really count. I lived in Dublin and love the Irish (although not those that run the NYC St. Patty's Day Parade) so it's particularly disappointing.

I did however rock a green outfit last week so shh, lets all pretend I'm wearing this today.

I think everything I'm wearing has been featured before on my blog - no I take that back, I can't find the vest anywhere. The dress is from Old Navy, the vest and tights are from Target, the boots are Laila Rowe, the necklace is Betsy Johnson and the hair piece is from the Bust Craftacular.


  1. I LOVE the dress AND the tights! You look great! :)

  2. Love your blog and I LOVE dresses! My dress collection is ridiculous - and I used to hate them! Adding you to my blogroll to keep up!

    P.S. Love those tights and I have em, too!

  3. I know this blog is about clothes but I have to say I am LOVING the long hair. So pretty!

  4. Thanks all, this dress is surprisingly versatile.

    Sarah welcome to my blog - always excited by new readers.

    James, I'm getting my hair cut next week - not sure what I'm gonna do.

  5. Tres joli et quel vert superbe !

    Bon w end ;o)