Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is in the Air

Spring is coming and if you couldn't tell from my beaming smile I am overjoyed about this. The last few days it has been sunny, in the high 50's and everyone is walking around New York in a chipper mood. I've put away my down comforter, am sleeping with the window open and had a beer outside the other day. I know I'm getting ahead of myself and soon there will be a bitter backlash, but for now I'm just running head first into Spring.

I am also loving the opportunity to whip out some of my spring clothes that have been hiding in the back of my closet. You saw this dress and hoodie combined before during my September month of 30 dresses. The dress is a size 12 from H&M and the hoodie is a medium from J. Crew. The dress I got from a Friday fats sale and the hoodie is a hand-me-down from my lovely friend Mirka. Believe me there's no other way I would have ever thought to try on a medium from J. Crew otherwise. However every time I wear it it's a good reminder of how you should ignore the size on the tag and always try things on.

My headband was purchased at a crafts fair in Savannah for a pittance of what I would have paid in New York. I really should have bought more because this headband always brings a smile to my face and to the face of others.

Candy shoes are from my beloved Office and they're definitely among my top 5 favorite pairs of shoes, which much like my headband often make people smile as well. I couldn't seem to get a shot that properly highlighted the colors in the shoe, so here's a link to another photo that shows the color a bit better.

Photo credit goes to my co-worker Joshua who didn't quite understand what we were doing, but graciously did it anyways.


  1. You're so cute! That bow and those shoes - so awesome!


  2. the dress looks very summerish ..and turquoise goes well in summers!!

  3. Lovin that dress and headband! Adorable :)

  4. I agree with you about ignoring the size label. I just bought some tops at H&M tops in sz M! I just look at the garment and if looks like it will fit I will try it one. You look cute as always!

  5. I adore this look! Your just a pop of awesome colors!! And I live by ignoring size tags! Everything is worth trying on cause you never know if it'll work!