Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sickeningly Sweet

I'm back from India! Once I've gotten over my jetlag and have uploaded my photos I'll post some of the best ones and share some of my thoughts, but for now thank you for all of your comments over the past few weeks - I'm sorry if I haven't responded to all of them. Until then, here's a quick outfit of the day for everyone.

Big upload 530

Here's a confession, I felt like an impostor in this outfit. A farce, a fake, it just wasn't me. I'd had a vision of how this outfit would look in my head and when I actually put it on the outfit both didn't look like how I'd envisioned and it wasn't quite me, but I kept it on anyways in order to try something a bit out of my comfort zone.

Big upload 529

Truth be told the whole outfit was just too sweet for me. It felt like something that girls who live on the Upper East Side would wear. Also it incorporated a solid button down shirt which usually make me break out in hives so that also added to my discomfort. The only reason I even own that button-down is because it was a hand-me-down and I figured I should keep it in my closet for work related functions.

The skirt is from Lane Bryant and may just be the first article of clothing from that store that you've seen featured on my blog which is kind of hysterical considering it's the store for fatties. Aside from bras I tend to not shop at Lane Bryant, but I passed by it one day and got sucked in by this bright, poppy skirt in the window. I love it the pattern but I never know quite what to wear up top which is where the inspiration for the outfit came from. The hand-me-down button-down is either from Gap or Old Navy and the tank underneath is a hand-me-down as well but from someone else (hi James!).

Big upload 534

The tights are from Target, the shoes are Office, the belt is from Peacock's and the headband is from H&M. In my attempt to be more comfortable in the outfit I added my new bad ass earrings from Brookadelphia. I've talked before about them and my concerns about online purchases from them, but I got these in person at the 2009 Bust Craftacular so no ordering issues. A reader told me that he had ordered from them after seeing their products on my blog (with no problems I will add) and when I mentioned that to the owners they actually remembered it since he was their very first ever order from that state. I thought that was kinda cool:)

Big upload 536

Ok I'm soon going to bed. Jetlag can be a bitch.


  1. I really like it but if you don't feel awesome in something, I say don't wear it if you don't have to. Oh, and I just love your earrings. Glad to see you're back! :)

  2. I think you look nice, and I really like those poppies on the skirt!

  3. You look so cute in this outfit...wud love to see ur pictures from india!!

  4. I didn't think the outfit looked bad, I just wasn't very comfortable in it, it didn't feel like me.

    Jen you're probably right, I should have just changed but I never really know what to wear with this skirt so I just left the house.

    Harman I promise photos to come, but I haven't uploaded any of them just yet. I'm just focusing on getting work straight at the moment.

  5. Oh and Jen amazingly I just fully realized that you're Jen of Jen's Fashion Plus which I have been looking at for months. I want to order that black jumper with the gold buttons but I'm not 100% sure about size - do you think I should go for the 2x or 3x? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. I of course think this outfit is lovely and summery. And you know what to do with the skirt? Get rid of it and make room for something you love.

    Oh, maybe I'll wear a skirt today. A skirt I can bike in. Aren't you wonderful inspiration?

  7. Loving the skirt, if you ever want to get rid of it please tell me, I'd buy it off you in a minute!

  8. I do like the skirt, it's the button down top that has me breaking out in hives. Although I don't even quite know what to pair the skirt with. In my mind it seems to not match with anything other than black.

  9. That is kind of cool ;)

  10. Isn't it. Helps to come from a memorable state.

    I was hoping that they'd be all "let's give you a discount cause you blog about us and we got customer(s)" but no such luck. One day.