Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Remixing at its Best

There are a lot of places to find fashion and clothing inspiration, especially on Flickr. One of my favorite groups on Flickr is the Wardrobe Remix group where you can find anyone wearing anything and inspiration galore. Remixing is when you something in a different than you have before or use it in a way different from its original purpose. Today's outfit is remixing at its best.

My "dress" is actually a skirt in a size medium, that I snagged from a friend at her stoop sale (in Brooklyn we have stoop sales instead of garage sales cause we don't have garages). D is only a few inches taller than me so I'm not sure how she ever wore this as a skirt, but apparently it was one of her favorite middle school wardrobe staples.

I took the skirt, hiked it up and belted it with a belt that I got from a Friday fats sale. The cardigan that I love and need to get rid of cause it has a small hole is from Banana Republic. The shoes are from Primark and the earrings are from Topshop.

Photo credit goes to my very handsome co-worker Mel who I ran into en route to enjoy some lunchtime sunshine.


  1. I adore this so much- I already commented over on Flickr. I've a question, though. Do you ever have problems with the skirt staying up? I have a skirt I want to try to wear this way and that's my only worry.

  2. You know I didn't have any problems with this skirt that I don't have with any other strapless dress. It isn't always the most even neckline all around (esp under my armpits) but I never feel like it's falling down.

    If you're worried wear it at home for a bit before wandering out into the outside world. I do that sometimes.

  3. je ne sais pas si j oserais cette imprime pour moi mais a toi ca te va extremement bien ;O)

  4. WOW! Before I read this, I was thinking "What a great dress!" it doesn't look like a skirt at all - brilliant!

    Would you be willing to be a Fatty with a Head? haha Check out my blog for what I mean ...

    - Sarah

  5. gorgeous! and brave -- i am in awe of your ability to (seemingly comfortably) wear strapless. and you clearly had a lucky weather moment or used a wind-machine to great effect for that "easy, breezy, beautiful" wind-in-the-hair look. so modely.

  6. Cute, I really like the belt. I had my sister wear a long skirt like that as a dress once and she rock it just like you.