Monday, April 19, 2010

Romper Time

I've discovered that people tend to have very visceral reactions to rompers. You either love them or you really, and I mean really hate them. I'm prepared for the backlash dear readers. Personally I've never been much for shorts - to me they're reserved for tourists and travel in the non-continental US, but I've been seduced of late by all the rompers I've been seeing folks rocking. So while I was placing my Dorothy Perkins order last month I threw this romper into my cart.

Rompers provide a bit of a sizing conundrum so I ended up ordering a bigger size to fit my ass and I just accepted that it'd be a bit big up top, but I don't think it was too bad.

Last Saturday night I had 3 parties to attend in 3 different neighborhoods and in honor of the occasion I decided to whip out my new romper. I figured at least one person out of the many that I would see that evening would like it. I was very prepared for a lot of snarky remarks, but I was happily surprised by my friends reaction - a bunch of them liked it, even if they did think I was totally nutso.

It was a bit chilly so I added some green tights from Old Navy and a cropped green jacket that is from the Luella for Target collection, my polka dot pumps from Office and a necklace from Primark. I recently wore the black version of this jacket with these same shoes which makes me fear ever so slightly that I'm getting into a fashion rut.

Here's a peek-a-boo photo of what the romper looks like underneath the jacket.

It was a long night but my romper held up well and in a surprise to everyone I not only made it to all 3 parties, I also made it to my 9am running class the next morning. Sometimes I impress myself dear readers.

Bright photo credit goes to my lovely roommate who I am currently looking to replace if anyone knows anyone looking for a room in Brooklyn. Darker photos were taken by my friend Mitra at the first party of the night.

Additionally I apologize for the radio silence and lack of response to comments and questions. Work and the hunt for a roommate are subsuming most of my waking hours these days. So sorry.


  1. il faut osee ! mais c est tres sympa !

    c est une salopette short ?

  2. Ahhh! So cute! I love that you wore green tights with it. I am looking for color tights but cannot decide on which colors I want. This romper looks fab on u!

  3. This is my FAVORITE outfit I have seen so far - it's so colorful and awesome! I have been wanting to get a romper and now I think I want this one!

    - Sarah

  4. Thanks all, I appreciate the love.

    Nefertiti, I have to admit even I was a bit nervous when I wore this outfit out and was afraid when I saw people laughing that they might be laughing at me, but then again they could have been laughing at any of a million things so I just stayed confident and kept on going with my v long night. I tried google translate, but I didn't understand the second half of your comment.

    Jules it seemed to easy to pair this romper with red, but I wanted something a little bit more unusual. I think the green worked out well.

  5. It's so cool how you put the bold green together with the polka dot. I used to wear rompers all of the time but got sick of them. Now I'm ready to jump back in though.

  6. She said "Is it salopette shorts?"As in a romper... x

  7. I just "found" you today, and I'm glad for it. I like the romper (first time I hear this word, I'm from Frankfurt, Germany) the best so far. Perfect with the green jacket and tights. I'll be back. Sunny greetings from Germany, Pia

  8. Argh! Green tights are so wrong.

  9. I LOVE bright tights of all colors. I almost think it's an illness.

  10. My favourite outfit on you, possibly !
    (Though the lovely summer dress is up there too...)
    The green jacket and the pretty shoes just look so beautiful with the rest of it.

    Put it this way, if you turned up on a first date looking like that... I'd be smitten :-)


  11. Aren't you sweet. Thanks m'dear.

  12. Hats off to your dressing everyone does like to look nice all shapes .Love your look in romper I love rompers too.Mandy