Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rainy Day Simplicity

Rain can present a bit of a problem if you have curls or wear glasses or have an inability to walk in the rain without kicking it up all over yourself. I have the great honor of having all three of these traits. The first two are fairly easy to fix - wear contacts and pull back your hair, but the third one presents a bit of a problem. I lack the ability to walk around in the rain without kicking water all over myself. It's really kind of amazing. Rain boots help, but they don't completely solve the problem. Why? Because I'm three.

For the rainy weather I decided to go simple. I'm wearing one of my favorite purchases of the past year - a simple denim skirt from Target that I've topped with a black t-shirt from H&M and a cropped jacket from Torrid. I needed something to spice up the outfit so I opted for some bright tights from Dorothy Perkins that perfectly matched my boots from Laila Rowe. I hate flash, but it does help you see the true color of the tights in the photo below.

For a little bit of personality I've added my pearl necklace with a bow that I got from Primark. I saw a ton of multi-strand necklaces with bows attached when I was last in London and I'm surprised that the look never crossed the pond to become as popular here as it did there. Last but not least, I have a black, sequined leaf in my hair that I got at the 2009 Bust Craftacular.


  1. rock et classe,il pleut aussi ici ;O)

    bonne semaine

  2. Love the accessories, they totally make the outfit! I also love the bright tights.

    I have the same problem in the rain. There are times I get carried away and run and splash around in puddles, and then I'm all wet. Totally worth it though.

  3. I like this outfit a lot (I've also been rocking the bow on the pearls look since Gabi D. told me to try it back in 2002! I highly recommend it). You look cute and comfortable and very sunny for a rainy day!

  4. Your tights collection makes me SO envious! I also have necklaces and bows from when I lived in the UK!

  5. I share your curl problems. I get so upset when I spend time straightening my hair and them the humidity.