Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Love Dorothy Perkins

In case I haven't already told y'all, I love Dorothy Perkins. It's a British high street retailer with great, affordable, stylish pieces that carries clothing up to a UK 22 which is the equivalent of a US 18. A godsend for fatshionable inbetweenies, I am a big fan of their clothes. One of the things I love about their pieces is that there are always surprises like puffed sleeves or a bow in the back that aren't always visible upon first glance.

Since I haven't been to London since last June and won't be back till November 2010 - a tragedy of epic proportions - I've been relegated to ordering online from my beloved Dotty P. Shipping is an affordable 1o pounds and you can usually find a code for some amount off if you spend a minute or two searching online. Sometimes an order is a huge success and sometimes it is a huge failure and by the time you've paid for return shipping you've lost half your money. I'm getting better at learning what my sizes are with them - 20UK up top, 22UK on the bottom - and thankfully ordering more successfully.

I recently received a big order so in the coming weeks you'll see a bunch of new pieces from my most recent, generally successful order.

Save for the necklace, this entire outfit is from British stores. I am an unabashed anglophile in every way.

My tunic is from Dorothy Perkins and while fairly simple from the front, the back has an adorable bow.

I've paired my outfit with some Beth Ditto for Evans leggings (amazing!) and my polka dot shoes from Office. I'm wearing a Betsy Johnson necklace that you can see much more clearly in this post and the headband is from Dorothy Perkins as well. As you all know I love hair accessories, but cute as it may be, this headband seems to be too small for my head. Sadness.

Photo credit is a blur. Sorry JLR.


  1. tres tres sympa surtout le dos et les manches ballons,elle te va tres bien dit donc ;O)

  2. Cute dress! I love the pop of colour with the red bow!
    (I found you through the blog post at fatshonista. Nice blog!)

  3. The top of your dress is so cool, really like it. Just found your blog, before I gained weight and had a fit and through A LOT of stuff away, I could have probably worn 90 dresses. I think it is a fun idea. If you have a moment take a look at my blog, I'd love to have you as a follower!

  4. oops, I meant 30 dresses, I wish I had 90

  5. I'm a huge fan of dorothy p's luckily there is one down the road from me! Newlook do the same sort of designs, sometimes cheaper! i'm not sure if they do shipping but i don't see why they wouldn't, if not the next time you're in London i HIGHLY recommend them :) xo

  6. I give you a prize if you do not mind went to see on my blog

  7. Ooh I'm so glad you love Dotty P's too - I wear so much of their stuff on my blog :)

  8. it looks simple but details of the tunic change everything !
    i've searched for a top like yours but i didn't find snif
    love your blog xx

  9. Lovely Lovely Top. DP does have some great finds. Found you

  10. I love DP too because you can find both casual and smart clothes, yet each piece is so unique and chich even the most casual one. By the way the outfit really suits you as it is well balanced with the baggy top and tight bottom.
    Nice blog, keep it up!

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