Monday, June 7, 2010

Garden Party

I feel like I should be heading off to a garden party. Instead I wore this outfit to the office for a 14 hour work day on one of the ridonkulously hot and humid days we had last week. Some days summer in NY is wonderful and other days the weather makes you want to slit your wrists. This was a wrist slitting day.

I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it hanging on a very crowded rack at Ross in North Carolina last month. I mean how can you not smile when you see this dress? It's about as close to summer in a dress as you can get.

With a dress as busy as this you have to be restrained with accessories. So even though there was this beautiful neckline and exposed chest just begging for a necklace, I held back for once and just threw on some earrings that were a perfect match to the green in my dress. I got them in a random store in Mexico, so there's no link.

I did save a teensy bit of bling for my feet though. I honestly cannot believe these sandals are still in one piece. I got them a few summers ago from Payless and I'm shocked they haven't disintegrated into nothingness. Of course now that I've said that they'll probably break the next time I wear them.

Photo credit goes to Nicole.


  1. Going without a necklace was a great choice. Also love the hair. Where was this photo taken?

  2. Also a necklace would have had an added stick factor in the heat.

    The photo was taken on the elevated acre, which is this public space right behind my office which has very cool, fancy fake grass.

    I know the hair is a bit different, isn't it fun? Thanks for noticing.

  3. original ta robe,j aime beaucoup,bonne journee

  4. I don't know when I started loving green so much, but lately I've noticed that the green is slowly but surely invading my closet, and what could be better than large green flowers on a white background?!! I also love that you work in an office setting and you wore this, I'm sure you brightened up their long day:=)

  5. nice cute gives more of the summer feeling..

  6. Beautiful dress!!