Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All Black Again

I know you're all wondering "what is going on?" But this is an all black bloomie outfit. You see me in this outfit, it's not like the last all black outfit I posted where I looked like a totally different person.

I was headed to Greenpoint for the Spring Bustcrafacular and I figured if I was going to hang with hipsters, I might as well play the part. Plus, since as you all know I'm conflicted about the appropriateness of lace leggings in the office, I look for as many weekend opportunities to wear them as I can.

I have to say the Spring Craftacular (which I was reminded of by JG - thanks darling!) was a bit of a bust. There were only 40 or so vendors and save for 2 or 3 of them, I'd seen all of them a million times before. I only ended up buying one thing if you can believe it - a moustache necklace. I promise to show it to all of you soon.

Leggings are Lane Bryant
Bag is Botkier
Headband is from a Brooklyn street fair

I love the back of this tunic, it's what makes it special and takes it up a notch from just a plain black top.

Bejewelled sandals are from New Look

And finally in something that has nothing to do with fatshion at all, I need to show you a picture of what I ate in Greenpoint.

What's that you ask? Why it's a red velvet doughnut, ice cream sandwich. Are you dying yet?

Photo credit goes to my beloved Mirka who was also the searcher out of this amazing doughnut shop that not only had incredible doughnuts, but was also straight out of the 50's in the most amazing way possible. They had a rotary phone people, a rotary phone!


  1. tres classe comme tenue et interressant dessert,hummm

  2. I love the black: the shoes, the lace and the back of the top make it all unique. I have a dog and a cat, so I have to take a roller brush where ever I go,so I envy you.

    Oh yeah, I would totally die for that red velvet ice creamy thing.

  3. That red velvet donut ice cream sandwich? YUMMMM!

  4. Sadly I live a dog free existence (although I make a very big fuss over them in the street) so black is not at all an issue.

    The doughnut ice cream sandwich was all sorts of amazing!

  5. the leggins are hot! :)

  6. Ah!! A fellow Dorothy Perkins lover. *high 5*

  7. lol ,i was just browsing through this blog
    and you just look like the most fun person ^.^
    all these comments were last year i see
    so im late.