Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Getting Hot in Here take off all your clothes.

Honestly it has been so damn hot and sticky in NY this past week that if I could come to the office in a bikini I would. But we're a non-profit, not the beach so sometimes you have to wear clothing even when you don't want to. I know my life is so difficult isn't it.

So instead I turned to my new favorite thing - shorts. I can't begin to tell you how shocking it is for me to type those words as I spent YEARS of my life running and screaming in the opposite direction of shorts. But you know what, when it's 90+ degrees outside they're really comfortable. My name is bloomie, I am wearing shorts and I love them. It's official. Hell has frozen, pigs are flying and they're purple.

You've seen these shorts before in the outfit where I was trying to look like someone else, but I wanted to show you what they look like on bloomie when I'm not not trying to look like anyone but myself. Not bad right? I told you, Ross is a magical place.

I've paired my shorts with a hand me down top for my beloved Mirka. Who says sequins should be relegated to the weekend? Not I.

I wanted to wear some gorgeous necklace that dipped into my cleavage in just the right spot, but it was too hot for something on my neck so instead I threw on some earrings that I got in India.

And topped the outfit off with some sandals I got in India as well.

Limited clothing while still work appropriate. Not bad at all I say.

Photo credit goes to Pamie.


  1. Totally agree with you about shorts. I have been in love with them so far this summer, but for years I would go summers wearing pants only.

  2. You look really good in purple! Love the top.

  3. "Who says sequins should be relegated to the weekend? Not I."
    Now see, me personally, I don't even wear sequins on the weekends, but I admire anyone who sees a rule like that and laugh in it's face. And you work in a non-profit. . . Yeah, I'm developing such a girl-crush on you it's ridiculous! ^.^

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