Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vintage Nightie

I was going to post another all black outfit, but I figured I needed to even out the last outfit with a fun and colorful post, otherwise you'd all start to think I went goth. While I may be slightly vampire obsessed these days, I am most definitely not goth.

I'm actually wearing 2 "dresses" in this outfit. The under layer is an elongated tank top dress (seen here in pink) and the top is a vintage nightie. Yes, a ruffled, fluorescent coral vintage nightie. Jealous much?

Unsurprisingly I got this nightie at Re/Dress NYC over a year ago. I was lured by the color and and ruffles but was worried that I would never have anywhere to wear it. It turned out to be a reasonable worry as it ended up sitting in a bag for a year. My friend and I still laugh at how the Re/Dress shopgirls tried to convince me that it would be the perfect outfit for brunch. I didn't quite agree with that statement, but I did purchase it and then it sat in a bag in my room for ages until I finally pulled it out a few weeks ago and hung it up in my closet. I still didn't know where or how I would wear it, but at least now I saw it every time I opened my closet and was tempted and reminded to wear it.

Then Re/Dress threw a butch fashion show and I decided to wear my nightie to it - woo hoo! As you can see I layered the nightie over a Brooklyn Industries tank dress and paired it with my favorite silver wedges from Office. In what I thought was a funny moment a girl ran up to me, gushing how much she loved my dress and how I needed to purchase, to which I responded "I already did, I own this." Tee hee hee.

I ended up loving the outfit and have decided I need more occasions to get dressed up in my crazy, coral nightie. So dear readers send me party invitations, or if you don't mind the amused stares, just invite me to brunch. After all it is my most favorite meal of the week, no reason I shouldn't dress up for it, right?

Photo credit to T-Pops.


  1. This reminds me of the movie Hairspray (the new one, based on the musical) when Tracy and her mom went to Mr. Pinky's Hefty Hideaway and got all dolled up. I feel like this would have been on the racks there. It is really cool.

    I really enjoy the ruffles but I do think this is more breakfast in bed than it is brunch on the town! But you're Bloomie and you have a set of rules all your own (which is why we all love you here!!).

  2. rhooo trop mignon c est comme dans les vieux films,sauf que souvent elles etaient rose lol

    c est vrai tu pourrais la mettre la journee avec une jupe ;O)

  3. This is just too funny! I can totally see you in this dress with a little pill box hat, and kid skin gloves at someone's brunch. I love it.

  4. Sadly I own neither kid gloves or a pull box hat - perhaps it is time to rectify that!

    James I only saw that version of Hairspray once, on an airplane on a screen that was far away so I don't exactly know the scene (although I do know it from the original) but I can imagine it. Any comparison to Hairspray (even if not the original) is always a compliment in my book.