Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 23, I get professional and shit

As soon as I left my house on the 22nd I thought "oh no, I have to go to a work do tomorrow, I should have saved today's dress for tomorrow." As you may have inferred from my photos, we have a lax dress code in my office, which some may argue I sometimes push to the edge. To make up for that, I always like to put on a good show when I'm working in any sort of official capacity.

So yesterday's dress would have been very work appropriate and I was a tad concerned that by the 23rd of the month work appropriate fare may have been in short supply. But I shouldn't have been worried, at this point I should realize there's always something buried deep in my closet. And low and behold there was and shock of shocks it was black.

I cannot just wear a black dress. Elvis's mommy may try to convince me that wearing solid black is the way to go, but wearing solid black would drive me absolutely crazy. Seriously insane. So I did what I could do to liven the outfit up while still remaining "professional."

The dress is from Splendid and is a size large. My friend Jamie turned me onto Splendid when she gave me some of her hand-me-downs. Splendid is one of those lines of over-priced cotton basics, the kind where you scoff and say who in the world would pay this much for a t-shirt and then you buy it and realize that it puts all your other t-shirts to shame.

I was looking anything but splendid when I bought this dress. I was up in Woodstock for the weekend at a bachelorette party where I'd spent the weekend farming, skinny dipping, cooking and drinking and hadn't showered or looked in a mirror for days when we went to town for ice cream. I wasn't planning on shopping, but it was hard to pass up walking into some of the hippie shops up in Woodstock for a laugh. Turns out that not all of the shops are full of crystals and tie-dye and incense (although there are plenty of those). I walked into one shop and saw a bunch of Splendid on sale and had a go while everyone else headed for ice cream.

To enliven the dress I added some cute accessories. The belt is from Ross and was bought in what can only be described as a Ross-related nervous breakdown brought about by a 6am flight, followed by a conference and then a 3 1/2 hour shopping spree at Ross. Shoes are from Office and the necklace is from Primark.

The work event was ok, but the real highlight of the night was later in the day when we had our weekly Top Chef viewing party/pumpkin beer taste test. I love everything pumpkin flavored, beer especially. Here is how the beers fared from favorite to least favorite, although I had Blue Moon pumpkin beer on Saturday and I think it just might place second.


  1. Love love love the look.

    I also appreciate that we all get to "check it from behind" through the reflection in the glass beyond you!

    I must also say I am quite amused with how much play I am getting in this blog this month!


  2. Oh my god I absolutely ADORE the concept of your blog what a grrrreat idea!! Love your dress, you look gorge :-)


  3. Your green number with the FAB lacy purple tights inspired me to go to Old Navy last Thursday. I picked up 3 (yes, you read me right) dresses and a flowy t-shirt (almost big enough to be a dress) for $21.70! I've already worn a dress to work with a chunky belt and the shirt about 3 times.
    -- Liz

  4. B&G, thank you so much. That is high praise from you! Your blog is amazing.

    Liz, glad to be inspiring some new shopping destinations.

    JLR, you always give me fashinspiration!