Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

A bit belated, but happy Valentine's Day!

Whether single or in a relationship I always get a kick out of Valentine's Day. I think of it as an opportunity to wear bright colors, eat pastel candy and tell friends, lovers and family how much I adore them. What's not to love?

Getting dressed Tuesday morning I was struck at how little red and pink are to be found in my wardrobe, particularly my winter wardrobe. But I was determined to put together a Valentine's Day outfit and I think I succeeded. Granted I may have succeeded in dressing how a 6 year old would dress on Valentine's Day (especially when you see my nails) but that's often my aesthetic and I've learned to embrace it.

Head to toe, here's how I put together my outfit.

My base is a tank dress from Brooklyn Industries, that I've worn before. Over that I'm wearing a top from Old Navy that I don't really wear very often, topped with a cardigan that I'm betting is about 10 years old from the Gap. The gingham top is long and if I let it hang down, it wouldn't give me the look I wanted so I belted it with a white belt that I got in a Fatshionista sale.

Shoe Detail

I'm not sure where I got these tights from and my shoes are from Payless.

My necklace says love in Hebrew and it was my sister's present to her bridesmaids over a decade ago. It's a sculpture in Israel that she was married in front of you.

Finally, I give you my nails. It's a good thing I've already admitted that I'm 6. This confirms it.

I used a hot pink base, sparkly pink over it and then a heart nail polish over that.

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day!

Photo credit to my work wife Nicole.


  1. Bloomie! I've missed you!
    I think I mostly like this outfit beause it's so different from what you normally wear. Variety, spice, you know what they say. I do love that gingham top, though.

  2. Love the top photo, you look beautiful (as usual!) and as if you are on a photoshoot or something.

    I second what Veronica has said above. It is good because it's different; it's Preppy Bloomie. I like it!

  3. Is this outfit really that different than what I normally wear? I didn't feel like it was when I wore it, although I'm not usually rocking a button down.

    Veronica I've missed you too! I'm not so good at winter posting.

    Beelisty I've had an interwebs crush on you from Fats/unfats, so the compliment is v much taken to heart - thanks! You're pretty adorable yourself.

  4. Loving the outfit.... It's cold enough in London for you to rock that look here too! Necklace is gorgeous and I am pining for some tights that thick! Shopping time methinks.

  5. Wow! I just love this OOTD! Supercupidy! Those tights and big belt really make this outfit stand out. Great post.

  6. Dear 30dressesin30days,

    this isn't really a comment on this day's outfit - more a comment on your whole blog. You make me happy! Thank you so much for putting yourself out there, both in the real world, and in the virtual one. Your willingness to be bravely, fatly, visible makes it easier for me to bravely, fatly, visible in my own little slice of the world. I literally have a BETTER LIFE because of your hard work. Plus, I make the lives of others better by dressing AWESOMELY! Todah! - Ingra

  7. Ingra this may just be the kindest comment I have ever received on my blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  8. you looked lovely on valentines! and your tights could possibly be from dorothy perkins i have some from there which look just like yours.

    lovely blog! xx

  9. Oh my! I've just stumbled across your blog while searching for 'Cherry Dresses' and I haven't had a chance to read through your posts as yet, but just by your photos, wow! I'm completely blown away.

    I can't wait until tomorrow, I'm heading off to a party, to sit back and relax and read your blog.

  10. Very nice colors! I like Kitchen's check:-)

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