Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 8. Guest Dresses and Cute Babies.

I don't know about you but I love to plan my outfits and usually begin planning them at least a day in advance if not more. Do you do this as well? I started thinking up today's outfit last night and was so excited by the idea of it that even though the weather wasn't ideal for the outfit I stayed with the general idea and just added some layering. It wasn't quite as cute as I had envisioned but it came off ok.

Today's dress comes via Brooklyn Industries, what started as a store in hipsterland Williamsburg and has now become a full fledged chain with stores all over Brooklyn and outposts in Chicago and Portland and {gulp} Manhattan. They have super cute stuff but are horribly overpriced for what they sell. Today's dress is a prime example. It is an xl and was originally something like $59 but I got it at their outlet for $19 which for what is basically a long cotton tank seems way more reasonable to me.

Vest is a xxl from Old Navy, purposefully peek-a-book turquoise bra is Lane Bryant, shoes are Primark and necklace was bought in Iguazu Falls in Argentina. The additional layers which I hadn't originally intended to wear are tights either from Hue or H&M, I can't quite remember. I wish I had been wearing this w/o tights as I think it would have been way cuter an outfit and temperature wise I probably would have been fine, but I wanted to be on the safe side.

Cardi is an xl from Old Navy and took me a hundred years to pick out this morning and then I barely wore it. Seriously, I really wanted to wear this outfit so I tried on a blue blazer, a navy sweatercoat and then settled on a cropped jean jacket when I suddenly remembered my blue cardigan and ran and changed my mind again. It's no wonder that it a) takes me a million years to get ready in the morning and b) do things like forget my phone at home.

But wait you say, what about the cutest and best accessory to grace the pages of 30 Dresses in 30 Days. Who is that adorable munchkin? JuJu is the daughter of two of my dear, dear friends who also happen to be fans of the blog. JuJu is kind of a big deal. Aside from the fact that at the ripe old age of 13 months she has probably traveled more than most Americans, she also already has not one, but two blogs about her. She's a total celeb-baby. I'm surprised US Weekly hasn't done a feature on JuJu spotting's just yet. I mean what 13 month old wouldn't want to party at the same playground that she does.

JuJu is in town because of Sunday's wedding and I kind of feel like Sunday's wedding is the wedding that just keeps on giving. We had ska on Friday, wedding on Sunday, brunch Monday (w/o the bride and groom but w/wedding guests), dinner on Tuesday and a Sheva Bracha party on Wednesday. Its been grand!

Guest Dresses for 9.8.09

At dinner tonight two of the guests wore dresses as well in honor of this blog and I asked their permission to include them as well. They were quite happy to be featured today. I don't have all the details, but MJ, the lovely lady on the left is wearing an adorable jumper purchased at Loehmann's and the lovely lady on the right, JLR, momma to the lovely JuJu and bestie extraordinaire is in a dress from Anthropologie. This is particularly funny as these are the two stores I bought dresses in yesterday.



  2. You should comment under the name Schnur or really Schnurkel silly.

    You're more than welcome to borrow but I'm fairly certain that it'd be ever so large on your hipster figure.