Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 25, off to the zoo!

I took a bit of a staycation so I could spend some time with my sister and nephew who were in from Israel. I've been dreaming of taking a NY cooking staycation for quite some time where every day I'd travel to a different NY neighborhood and then cook these huge meals with all these specialty ingredients. Suffice it to say, that was not what my staycation with my sister and 4 year old nephew was.

On Friday when I was off from work we had a little Brooklyn adventure in the park and headed to the zoo for the very first time. The Prospect Park Zoo was way better than I expected it to be and I highly recommend it. I almost went there on a date and I have to say it'd be a pretty good date spot. We had a great day - the weather was perfect and there was more to see and the animals were in better housing conditions than we expected for a small zoo. The carousel is right next door to it so we ended our afternoon jaunt there, which was an added bonus. All in in all, 2 thumbs up from bloomie.

So for trekking around the park I wanted something casual that I could get dirty and pet animals in and not give a second thought to, so I grabbed this cotton Old Navy dress from my closet. It's a size xl and I wish I had thought to take a picture of the back because it ties in the "back." I use quotes because I've technically been wearing this dress backwards since the very first time I wore it. Originally the dress was supposed to be worn with the cowl neck collar in the back, but that seemed like a waste to me, so I've always worn it "backwards."

As for the rest of the outfit I'm wearing a pair of xl Danskin leggings, pink sunglasses that I got on the boardwalk in Brighton, flip-flops are Havianna's, earrings I got at a Brooklyn street fair and the headband I I'm not quite sure.

I arrived home at 5:45 and had folks showing up for a dinner party at 6:30 so it was a bit manic (not quite how I imagined my staycation dinner parties in my mind). I wouldn't even have mentioned it except for the fact that I made this cake in honor of my sister and it was amazing and I want to show you a picture of its deliciousness. My father would say it's gilding the lily and it may have been, but it was also undeniably delicious. Yeah for special guests who allow you to bake things you wouldn't normally allow yourself to make.


  1. Oh my - that cake looks very very tasty. Love the clever way you wear the dress ;)

  2. I'm not going to lie, the cake was very, very tasty. If you have a thing for peanut butter and chocolate I highly recommend making it.