Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 27, What I imagine I'd look like if I had kids

Sometimes I wish this blog didn't force me to post every outfit that I wear everyday because truth be told some days I wear outfits that are not worth blogging about and some days I look a wreck. Day 27 is one of those days.


I was exhausted from my picnic and my house guests and it was raining and I was babysitting my nephew and did I mention I was exhausted? After having a screaming match on the phone with my mother over movie times (why is that our family can drive us crazier than anyone else even over the smallest matters) off Liam and I went to go see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. I had not even heard of the movie as I never have any interest in seeing animated films, but LeLe said that's what he wanted to do and it was raining so off we went. Then we got there and he was scared by the dark and the previews (I'll give him that, Where the Wild Things Are looks scary if you're 4) and the meatball, but apparently popcorn cured him of all those fears, isn't that just amazing?

Remember how I told that story a few weeks ago about buying a dress from the juniors department at Loehmann's? Well this is its twin dress bought at the same time, same company, same size, merely a different pattern. I am wearing it with some black danskin leggings in an xl and my Melissa shoes because of the rain.

Lack of makeup, hair do and accessories are due to it being a gross, icky Sunday where your blogger would not have gotten out of bed if not for the worlds cutest 4 year coming to wake me.