Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 29, Cowgirl Chic


The end is fast approaching...ok well the end actually came like 3 weeks ago, but the end of the month of dress blogging is approaching. Perhaps I've been dragging my feet because I haven't wanted it to end. I mean the blog won't end completely, but it will change and have less of a focus which is perhaps why I've been dragging my feet with posting the last few days of the month.

So here we are, second to last day and it's actually the last nice outfit of the month (you'll see why when I blog about the 30th). This dress is a petite xxl from Old Navy that I ordered when I went a bit tights mad and ordered from them last month. It turns out that they've changed their tights sizing this year and I don't like them nearly as much and am going to return all my unopened pairs. Tomorrow I will make my virgin purchase from which I'm super excited about and I'll be sure to let you know they turn out. I was planning on returning this dress, but after much hemming and hawing and advice from 'cole and mo who loved it, I decided to keep the dress. I think it was a wise move, even if it is a bit short.

The dress came with a thin belt in the same plaid as the dress but I wasn't such a fan so I accessorized with another one of the belts from my closet, this one is once again from Primark. The purple cowboy boots you've seen many times before (I sometimes think I don't wear them that much, but this blog has proved otherwise to me), the purple cardigan is the same one from the previous day and is a recent H&M purchase and the tights are most likely Old Navy.


Nicole took this picture on our way out of the office, headed to the subway. Doesn't NY look lovely in the background?


  1. Oh you killed me I miss New York like crazy !!! And I have to say this is one of my favorite outfit !
    You're beautiful and always smiling ! xoxoxo

  2. Oh thank you! I absolutely love your blog and your sense of style so that means so much.