Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 30, Take me out to the ballgame

So finally I'm posting the last of the 30 dresses. And you probably expected me to go out with some really great bang and instead you're looking at today outfit and thinking "what in the world was she thinking?" I know it's one of my most liberal interpretations of a dress and it's not stylish, but there's a story to it, I promise.

This past January Todd Drew, a beloved member of our ACLU family passed away fairly suddenly. Todd was one of the best people I've had the honor of knowing and working with. He lived his beliefs in every one of his actions, from how he treated the women who worked in the coffee shop to never owning a photo id because he believed that it infringed on his rights.

Todd was also the most passionate baseball fan I've ever known and he had his own blog Yankees for Justice. His tagline was "I believe in baseball and an equally free, open, just society for everyone" and it was the truth. He wrote all about the regular baseball things, but he also wrote about what the vendors at the stadium got paid and the impact of a new stadium on the neighborhood. He was the best type of person there was.

On the day he passed away we gathered in our office to remember him and our ED announced that we were going to go to a baseball game in his honor. And so we did and so I give you todays outfit. An oversized top in Yankees pinstripes that I had originally intended to wear in a much cuter way, but it was too cold for that.

The top I picked up for $8 at Re/Dress and is a 1x from some brand I haven't heard of and it's layered over a hand me down white t-shirt from JLR. The leggings are Danskin in an xl, belt is from Peacocks (I think), fake Uggs are from Target, the long necklace is from Primark, the short silver spoon one is from Urban Outfitters, baseball hat is from Danielle the ACLU swag fairy.

Now we apparently didn't follow all of Todd's rules at a baseball game (I didn't keep score nor did I refrain from eating or drinking) but I did sit during the singing of God Bless America (or whatever patriotic song they sing during the 7th inning stretch) and stand for Take Me Out to the Ballgame which was fun.

Read Todd's last blog about baseball and cancer here. We all miss you.