Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 28, what I was supposed to wear to my picnic


Sorry for the backlog. I know it's October 16th and I'm blogging a dress from September 28th. This is a problem, but I was on vacation and I didn't bring my computer and instead frolicked in the gorgeous cities of Savannah and Charleston and ate and walked and shopped and had a wonderful time. More details in following posts, but I did purchase 5 new dresses all for less than $40 total (yeah for thrift stores in the South!) and will debut those in short time.

So today is the dress that I was planning on wearing to my birthday picnic but which didn't look all that good layered the way it would need to be in order to have kept me warm that day. So instead I wore it on Yom Kippur because you're supposed to wear white. You're also supposed to wear rubber shoes which I wasn't originally wearing that day, but the heavens decided to open up and descend upon Long Island so I took off my cute purple flats so I could cross the street and not have water up to my calves.

This dress is once again from ebay, from the same seller I've written about many other times and is a 2x. The cardigan is a new purchase from H&M and is a size L and everything else I'm fairly certain you've all seen before. Rain boots are from Laila Rowe, feather is from Fascinators NYC and the necklace I picked up at the Bust craftacular. Adorable redhead almost, but not yet quite 4-year old nephew is the best accessory in the world and you cannot have him. This was my last chance to see him for faaar too long so I snatched up any opportunity I could to be with him.


Photo I believe was taken by Shari at break fast at her parents house (not that I was fasting, I'm kind of a super bad Jew) and it was a great night filled with lovely people that I consider my family more than most of my flesh and blood.


  1. It's amazing, it's like someone zapped Alan Bloom with some sort of laser and he shrunk into a tiny cute person!

  2. OMG, Rach---- you look amazing in this picture. I love love love love love it.

  3. Jamie, you should see him w/his brother - that would blow your mind.

    J&J, {blushing} thank you.

  4. "Honey, I Shrunk Alan Bloom!" -- possibly the most amazing 80's kids movie that never got made?

  5. Oh my god, that movie MUST be made. Calling all out of work directors STAT!

  6. Kristen SchafenackerOctober 20, 2009 at 5:24 PM

    You look so beautiful in this dress!

  7. You look just beautiful in this dress!

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