Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Look where I was featured

Since I've been out of the country I've been out of the fatosphere loop the past few weeks. Responding to a readers question I ended up on the Fatshionista LiveJournal webpage earlier today where the top posting caught my eye. Apparently a shit for brains "fatshion" website had posted an article with some helpful "tips" for fatties about what we should wear. You know black, baggy, shapeless clothing. What fun.

The website also very helpfully put together a list of what fatties shouldn't wear. In pulling together their what not to wear list they had taken a bunch of photos from the fatshionsta flickr pool without permission from any of the women whose photos they used. Knowing my penchant for tight, bright and patterned clothes I automatically wondered if I had been one of the lucky fatties chosen. The blog has since removed the posting but kept up the comments so I wasn't sure if I had made the cut.

Over on Fatshionista the wonderful Stichtowhere challenged all of us fatties to post our loudest, most outrageous outfits that would make all the hateful folks over at BBsize cringe in their black mumu's. So I posted this

Neon Day

One of my fellow fatshionistas kindly told me that I had in fact been featured in the original post (which is cached here if you're truly interested). They chose this photo of mine

I dress up for the polls

I can't wait to get home and put together an outfit that will shock the editors of BBsize even more. Until then I'm afraid I'm going to have to keep on wearing one of the 3 tops I brought with me on my trip. For shame. At least my nails are bright.


  1. While I believe to dress the best way I can to accentuate the positives, I also believe that having fun with fashion is a must. To me, fashion has no absolutes. I love dark colors like black, navy, chocolate brown and grey and have lots in my closet. I also have stripes, polka dots, florals and GASP, lots of sequins. I would like to know who the hell told bbsize that they were fatshion experts???? As a fun and confident fat girl, I found their article ignorant and offensive and I am glad they have so many comments telling them the same. Viva Fat Girls!!!!

  2. I am a fat girl, I like nice clothes and shoes and follow the trends as much as my body will allow me. I don't think you look that good. You look tacky to me, you don't follow the actual fashion and most of your looks are daring but not fashionable.
    still, you dare, I guess that's a start.

  3. I've never understood how the color black will make me look

    I think life is too short to not wear what you like.

  4. Loving the yellow pink and black dress with leggings! Colour is the most important thing in my wardrobe (and life for that matter!) keep on with the amazing colours!

    Anyway your idea of 30 dresses in 30 days is really inspiring, I was just wondering if I could adapt the idea slightly, and sort of steal it?! I am addicted to necklaces and was wondering if I could do 30 necklaces in 30 days (on my facebook group as I don't have a blog!)would love to link in your blog? Please feel free to say no if I'm being cheeky but check out my group and see what you think!!/group.php?gid=232400555324&ref=ts

    Wendy :-)

  5. I'm with you Brenda - I don't think there should be any absolutes when it comes to fashion - try anything at least once.

    Wendy I don't really think it's my idea to steal, but feel free to go ahead with my blessings. I could easily do 30 necklaces in 30 days as well.

    Anonymous in some ways you're right - I don't subscribe to what is fashionable in magazines at any one moment. However just because my idea of fashion is different from what is in magazines doesn't make me unfashionable, it just doesn't make me mainstream.

    What I love about fashion is the ability to make it your own and interpret it as you please. It's fine by me that you think I'm tacky and unfashionable. Believe me I've been called worse and I'm sure plenty of folks agree with you, although obviously I don't. I have fun with fashion and to me that's really all that matters.