Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Project Overview aka What Should Have Been my First Post

This probably should have been my first post. Oops. Anyways here we go.

So in September of 2007 I took a look at my closet, saw how much was in there that I never wore and decided that I was going to wear a different dress every day for the month of September and never repeat a dress. From this came 30 Dresses in 30 Days.

The original purpose of this exercise was twofold. 1) Get me wearing all of the clothing in my closet and 2) showcase all of the places I buy my clothes and the different sizes I wear. As you'll see I wear anything from a 10-20 a l-2x. Fuck sizes, they mean nothing.

And then September 2008 rolled around and I still had a lot of dresses I hadn't worn and so I did it again. I never repeat a dress from a previous year. You'll notice that my documentation from last year isn't quite as good. Chalk it up to bronchitis/mouse invasion/hives - suffice it to say, not a good month. I do however have the photos on my computer and have already consulted them to ensure that I'm not repeating an outfit from last year.

Which leads us to September 2009. I think I have enough new dresses to never repeat a dress from 2007 or 2008 but I won't know for certain till the month progresses and I dig deeper and deeper into my closet. I have begun to be a bit more generous with what constitutes a dress and last year decided that tunics/long tops/etc...would be allowed.

It's a fun little project and I blog mostly for my friends and for some fellow fatshionistas.


  1. You have 90+ dresses????????????????????????

  2. Well at some point I've owned 90 dresses, but I'm generous with what constitutes a dress. Like I'm kind wearing a tunic today. It's a sickness I tell you.