Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 9, Check it From Behind

Sorry for the delay in posting, it has been a very busy few days.

So on Wednesday I had to got to a conference. Early. In the Bronx. Which is like an hour and 15 minutes from where I live in Brooklyn. (Although there was a 7-11 there and I treated myself to a coke slurpee which kinda made up for it.) And I had a party later that night which I had already picked an outfit out for in my head but then remembered I had a professional event to go to so I had to switch it up. It was a bit chilly so decided to wear a new dress that had sleeves. It was cute, ok for work (I thought) and was good for a party as well. Dresses are perfect for days like that, just thrown something on and you look all put together. And then I re-learned a very important adage.

Check it from behind.

See I have a big booty - a shelf ass you could serve a drinks on. I mean it's really, really big. I love it. Other people love it. It's a hit! I have no problem with my booty. But sometimes I forget just how big it is which causes a bit of a problem with shorter dresses. What appears completely normal and acceptable in the front can be several inches shorter in the back, especially when you start walking and things start to ride up. If I'm carrying a bag that rubs up against my booty then it rises some more. Which leads to yesterday.

I basically spent the entire day walking around flashing the free world my goodies, or at least it felt like I was flashing the world my goodies. My friends kept trying to convince me that it wasn't as bad as I thought it was, but it just felt bad and uncomfortable. All I can say is thank you Jesus for black tights. Had I not been wearing them I think I would have been arrested for indecent exposure. Here's what I'm talking about.

Dress is a new purchase from Ross when I was down in Orlando in August. It's some random brand in a size 18. Tights are an xl from Old Navy, pop of color purple shoes are from Office and necklace is Betsey Johnson. I never knew this till my friend Danielle introduced me to her accessories, but BJ has some really cute, whimsical pieces. I highly recommend checking them out.

So what is the lesson of day 9? Check it from behind!