Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Back

My dear readers,

I have to apologize for my disappearance the last few weeks. It was unplanned and unexpected - if I had known I would have said something in advance.

Nothing terrible has happened in my life, rather I began a new position at my office and work just became overwhelming and I found myself working 10, 12, even 14 hour days. The thought of turning on my computer when I got home from work would make me cry.

I was working so hard for a series of strategic planning meetings that I finished today - woo hoo!!! Now that the madness of the meetings are over, I'm hoping the blog will get back in order soon.

In exciting news I'm in North Carolina for work and tonight I went to Ross and scored BIG TIME. I got 6 or 7 new dresses, my first pair of shorts in years and a bunch of random kitchen supplies which while very cute will not be featured on this blog. So if the weather in NY is nice when I get back, there's a lot of new and exciting things to be featured in the coming weeks.

I hope you don't all hate me for disappearing off the face of the interwebs and will forgive my absence. I've really missed all of you.




  1. welcome back!
    Can't wait to see your shopping scores :)


  2. Welcome back from me too! I'm looking forward to see your new dresses!

  3. Me too! I'm hoping to have lots of fun outfits to show all of you soon. I've missed blogging and chatting with my readers.

  4. Love the leggings, I just got some too & wore them this weekend!! Great look!