Friday, May 14, 2010

Can you Wear Lace Leggings to Work?

I got these lace leggings recently at Lane Bryant when I was having my random night at a suburban mall. I was shocked that they carried lace leggings, it's pretty fashion forward for LB. I hemmed and hawed a bit about whether or not they were a practical purchase and then realized that half my wardrobe isn't practical and that's what makes it fun so I bit the bullet and added them to my pile.

Once I bought them though I couldn't figure out how to wear them. Monday through Friday I kept trying them on but something about lace leggings at the office (even mine) just seemed a bit wrong. My general feeling is if I think something is office inappropriate it probably really is. What's your feeling on the matter? Do you think I could wear this outfit to the office? How long does a dress have to be in order to rock it with lace leggings at work or is the simple answer it's never quite right?

Since I wasn't so clear on where I could and could not wear lace leggings I wore them on a Sunday morning after birthday brunch with Josh, my dearest and oldest friend in the world. When I say we've been friends forever, I mean we've known each other since we were in-utero. It's kinda amazing. So happy birthday Josh and thanks for taking my photo!

Leggings - Lane Bryant
Sneakers - Dorothy Perkins
Necklaces - Primark
Jacket Seen Below - Torrid


  1. Don't know about work appropriate, but you look adorable!

  2. You look great. Purple looks wonderful on you.
    I guess it depends on the office. I work in an office and I wear all manner of fishnets and lace tights. I kinda wondered at first too, but I've had managers compliment my leg-wear, so I guess I'm ok.

  3. Girl, you wear fishnets to work. This is nothing in comparison.

  4. I just got lace leggings from Jen's fashion and I love them. I just don't know if I can rock them at the office. So I decided no. But my office is very straight.

  5. This was such a funny question to me. You dress like a rainbow (in the best possible way), but lace leggings might be a bit too much. I think you can wear them to work, but you might need something that hits the knees or further down. I wore these capris with lace leggings, and I got a lot of compliments.

  6. This back and forth has been interesting. You know I do wear an awful lot of fishnets and crotched tights to work but for some reason the idea of lace leggings gets to me. I think because try as I will not to, I'll end up wearing something a tad too short with them at which point my friends will lovingly mock me all day long while I tug on the back of my dress.

    Veronica you've just tied for my favorite comment ever with "You dress like a rainbow (in the best possible way)." That's amazing - thank you.

  7. Hi, I love your blog! You're a inspiration for me - I am soon starting a dress/skirt journey.

    I like the outfit but perhaps a knee length dress would be more appropriate for work as Veronica said.

  8. I am so confused why this outfit is singled out as not appropriate for work while many others (including some from the first edition of 30 Dresses - Delia's dress, I am talking to you!) made it through without a problem.

    Why are these different from wearing fishnets to work, or stockings with a line up the back?

    I know your employer often fights for the rights of high schoolers to wear T-shirts with a number of possibly controversial sayings on them. Surely they would approve of these leggings.

  9. I don't know why these leggings are gnawing at me in a way nothing else is. I know it doesn't quite make sense, but it's just the way I feel.