Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tight, Bright & Short. Plus Chub Rub Solution 3

On the list of "fat girl no no's", I think this outfit probably hits them all. It is short, it is tight and it is bright and that's just the way I like to rock my outfits.

When I first put this outfit on and accessorized it I thought i was being very original with my color choices and accessories. And then I thought back to this post and realized that I was basically wearing the spring version of that outfit. Seriously I'm just wearing a t-shirt instead of a sweater and different shoes, otherwise it is exactly the same. Originally I had on all of the same accessories until I realized what I was doing and decided I had to be more inventive. So off came the necklace and earrings and on went some different earrings and a scarf.

Skirt - Torrid

P.S. I am well aware of and embarrassed by the hanger hooks hanging out of my top. Please forgive me.
Scarf - Old Navy
Earrings - Top Shop
Shoes - Office

What will likely be of more interest to all of you however is what is beneath my skirt. Or rather....

What isn't.

Yup, this was the day that I tried out a much discussed but new to me chub-rub-solution. What pray tell? The answer my dear readers is Body Glide.

Body Glide was originally created to help runners with chafing. As I understand it (because I am currently the slowest of the slow in my running class) when you run really long distances chafing becomes an issue for even the thinnest of runners and so Body Glide, which looks and is applied much like stick deodorant, was conceived.

I tried Body Glide a few times before reviewing it and I have to say so far so good, but it has its limitations.

On the positive side, I particularly like that you're not wearing any sort of added layer which is lovely. This is particularly useful if you favor short skirts or dresses (as I tend to do). Some of the other solutions I've already reviewed would just be far too long and would peak out from under a skirt this length and that is not a look I embrace.

On the negative side, this stuff definitely wears off by the end of the day and I haven't even road tested it in any really hot or sticky weather yet. On a humid day in New York in August I would not trust the sanctity of my inner thighs with just a layer of Body Glide.

Do any of you have any other chub rub solutions I should try out?

Photo credit goes to friend, colleague and blog fan T-Pops.


  1. So I need to know where you purchase body glide!! I need to try it!

  2. Great colour combos. Don't you hate those hanger loops? So many of my tops and dresses won't stay on a hanger without them, so it's one of those "Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em" things.

  3. I love this outfit - two of my favorite colors! I also love your hair. You're just gorgeous.

    I need more skirts. My waist is a lot smaller than my hips so skirts always ride up. I'll have to tailor, pooh.

    Anyways, I'll keep looking at these comments because I need a chub rub solution.

  4. I use baby oil when I wear skirts - it works also on hot days but I have to "fresh" it up by the end of the day - which is no problem as I always have a small bottle of baby oil with me.



  5. Diaper rash cream works pretty well for the chub rub, but you'll still probably have to do a touch-up or two if you walk a lot.

  6. I'm a fan of:

    yellow + purple: you look great! (I started reading and thought--where are the fat girl nonos? Oh right, fat girl nonos are nononsense.)

    My rub strategy: monistat soothing relief powder gel. It is often in a bizarre location in the drug store, sometimes it isn't stocked, but one can buy it in a 3pack off amazon. Lasts me all day, except for on the nastiest of days. Costs about the same as the body glide--I prefer the gel, for whatever reason.

  7. Cid I got body glide at my local running store, but you can just order it on amazon. And yes Fat Heffalump it is totally a love-hate relationship.

    2 new suggestions for my chub rub solution list - how exciting, I can't wait to try the baby oil and monistat gel. The gel I've heard mentioned before, baby oil is a first, although I do know someone who swears by cocoa butter.

    Katryn, I've only used diaper cream when my chub rub solution has failed me and I need some soothing. I've never thought to use it as a barrier against chub rub. V interesting.

  8. Just came across your blog and have to say these colors you are wearing are some of my favorites. The two go well together and look really nice on you.

    Love your witty style too! You got my smile!

  9. This is so cute - the colour coordination is brilliant :D xx

  10. Monistat Anti-Chafing gel works wonders - and it does double duty. You can use it as a mattifyer/makeup primer, as well as a solution to the dreaded chub-rub. Remember - there;s no actual medication in the gel, and the ingredients are just about the same as a $40 tube of SmashBox Foundation primer. ;)

  11. Your outfit is wonderful, bold colours, short skirt! GO YOU!
    Shame about the chafing stuff :( I have "comfort knickers" from Evans but they're quite long ;-;

    Devon xx

  12. try using baby powder, i keep a small bottle of it in my purse and when chub rub starts to happen i go to the bathroom and rub some baby powder on my inner thighs and i am good to go =)

  13. Love the outfit, I wish i could pull off yellow.
    I just started using secret shield from skindura. It has a much smoother glide than the body glide I had been using. I tried the monistat, but it was such a mess to apply.

  14. My favorite chub rub solution is simply to chop up my old tights and wear them as shorts - it's cheap (drugstore pantyhose for like 99 cents work just as well as anything else), easy, cool (thin tights work just as well as thick, plus they let the air in) and the material tends to cling to my legs enough that they don't ride up!

  15. I really like this massage bar from Lush as a chub rub solution:

    I don't need to reapply it during the day, but my job is mostly sitting, rather than walking. And I love the way it smells.

  16. You look amazing in that !
    Great colours :)


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