Sunday, May 16, 2010

This is How I Shop

I'm lucky for a lot of reasons most of which have nothing to do with this blog, so I'm not going to get into them. However one way in which I am lucky that does have to do with my blog is the plethora of opportunities and places I have to shop. Brooklyn (not to mention Manhattan) is full of boutiques, independent stores, artists and street fairs. Today was the 5th Avenue Fair and I thought I'd show you some of my fun purchases.

The 5th Avenue Fair is huge, stretching 20 blocks, with every type of clothing, jewelry and food vendor imaginable. I love it! And today was a particularly beautiful day for a street fair. Since I'd just gone a bit wild at Ross I wasn't looking to spend a lot of money but I usually can't say no to at least some of the crazy accessories I find at Brooklyn street fairs. I mean when there are at least 50 vendors with shiny, pretty stands like the one below can you really blame me?

Amazingly I ended up purchasing only three things - 2 headbands and one pair of earrings. Food doesn't count, right?

My first headband was from a vendor who told me that they sold his headbands in Barney's. I don't quite believe him, but I did believe him when he told me that he and his wife make all their headbands themselves - they were all quite different. This is my "fun" headband of the day. It reminds me of grass and I can't wait to pair it with this adorable new sundress I have that has leaves and flowers all over it. Someone invite me to a garden party please!

My other headband purchase was my "adult" one - so far as headbands can ever be considered "adult." The vendor I bought it from had beautiful stuff but everything was just slightly more than I wanted to pay/thought their stuff was worth and one thing I hate to do is bargain. I don't have any metal headbands so I'm excited to wear it. In my head I'm already pairing it with these amazing sandals that I got in India that I haven't yet had a chance to wear.

And for those of you wondering about my outfit in general, here it is in full, replete with a Mr. Slurpee man. This poor teenager was not so excited to a) be wearing a slurpee costume and b) have some random lady ask to take a photo with him, which is probably why he has such a strong "I wish I was anywhere but here" look to him. His bad mood notwithstanding I was pretty jonesed as I love slurpees and even have slurpee inspired art hanging in my living room.

Top - New Look
Jeans (cuffed cause of the heat, I know it's not so stylish) - Old Navy
Sneakers - Keds, I think from high school
Sunglasses are Primark
Earrings I have no idea, probably a street fair

Even though it's a weekend photo credit still goes to Nicole.


  1. Oh gosh, I LOVE a market!
    Really cute headbands!

  2. BTW, I love the rolled up jeans. They are in fact stylish, haven't you heard of "Boyfriend jeans?" You are rocking them!

  3. ..yup the hairbands are cute!