Friday, May 28, 2010

A Whole New bloomie

Don't worry, you didn't accidentally end up on the wrong blog. I promise it's me, bloomie, just with a different look today.

Last Friday was my friend A's last day at the office and in her honor a bunch of us decided to dress like her. I've written about A before and her love of the color black, so this was indeed going to be a difficult undertaking. But I love nothing more than a themed outfit and I have a strong (some might say unattractive) competitive streak and I was determined to be crowned "dressed most like A."

It was an unusual day, people just did not know what to do with me. My co-workers were freaked out by my new look. Amongst the many comments I received I was told, "I don't recognize you" that I looked "sexy" and "Middle Eastern." Since I am Middle Eastern, that was one of the weirdest comments of the day. I think it had to do with the eye makeup, which A handily sent us a tutorial on.

It wasn't just the black and the eye makeup that had folks in a tizzy, it was the fact that there were so many different things going on all at once. My hair was back, my eye makeup was very different, I was wearing heels and black and my first pair of shorts not intended solely for travel/working out/doing something involving dirt, in about 10 years. It was a crazy day, but a fun one.

The experience reminded me why it's a good idea to step out of our fashion comfort zones every once in awhile. Turns out I liked how I looked with cat eye makeup and I learned that shorts are really comfortable when it's hot out. Sadly, it continues to be true that if I wear heels I still want to cry from pain at the end of the day, no matter how cute they are.

The lesson of today's post? Go outside of your comfort zone, dress out of the norm every once in awhile You could end up having a great time and have a new look that you might even like. Have any of you had an experience like that?

Shorts - Ross
Tank top - Banana Republic
Vest - Target
Shoes - Aerosoles

Oh and it should go without saying, but I won the contest.


  1. I am a fan of A's look! You actually look very no-nonsense-business-professional-like. And it's fun to see you take on a new persona. To add to the list of odd feedback you've already gotten, I'll say that you look older, whatever that means.

  2. It's cute! But I have to say that if you suddenly started dressing like this all the time, I would be sad. you just wouldn't be you without all the color! This is how Stacy and Clinton would want you to look, which is not bad by any means, but they have a way of "toning down" everyone's personal style. But as an "add to the mix" kind of look, I like it a lot. :)

  3. Very pretty! :)
    I love the heels but I also cry in pain from heels, and very early on. That and I can't walk well in them, heh.

  4. Love the outfit! Sometimes it's fun to wear something completely different. You've inspired me to attempt an outfit with heels and shorts sometime soon!

  5. classique et classe,j aime bcp

    bon w end ;O)

  6. Thank you all for your comments as well!

    Older doesn't bother that much since everyone seems to think that I'm 24/25 so in the office older might be a good thing.

    Alexis, do you really think Clinton and Stacey would approve of shorts on a fat girl? Plus I'm not "emphasizing my waist" aka their favorite thing. I know I shouldn't and the show is so problematic, but lord do I love it.

  7. Congrats on winning the contest (I'm competative too, so I get it)!
    I'm so fascinated with you in this outfit, 'cause you're wearing a variation of an outfit I've seen so many girls in the street, but never seen a fat girl wear. Hm, I don't know why I haven't realized this before, but I just found a difference between fashion and fatshion that I don't really like:/

  8. Hello again:) I actually want to turn my comment bove into a blog post. Can I have permission to use one or more of your pics please? I'll link back to you, of course.

  9. Really love this look on you. The shorts looks great and those shoes are CUTE!

  10. Veronica go ahead and write away.

    Cid I do love the look of the shoes, and since they're aerosoles they're a LOT more comfortable than most heels, but after 8 hours they're still heels and they still hurt. Ugh. I wish I had a higher pain threshold.

  11. I really dig the shorts - they look perfect. I've been trying rock them for a while now - but everytime I finally find some I like they ride up awkwardly. Siiiiigh.

    Sarah @ Return to Sender

  12. I love the look on you and you're rocking those shorts, whatever Stacy and Clinton would say!!
    I still prefer your colorful everyday look though.

  13. Love the look. You look awesome. I'm still afraid to wear shorts though! lol