Thursday, September 17, 2009

Days 16 & 17 are brought to you by Old Navy

Remember how I mentioned that Nicole and I did a bit of shopping and drinking on Tuesday night? Well in a shocking bloomie moment, I actually wore both of my new articles of clothing in the days immediately following purchasing them. Since after I hem and haw at the store I then hem and haw at home and wait awhile before taking the tags off, this was unusual for me.

Dresses from the past two days are both xl's from Old Navy and were bought in a fit of shopping in about 5 minutes, without a fitting room and just throwing it on over what i was already wearing. Not my finest hour, but I think it worked out ok. Neither of these dresses are fancy or particularly special, but they're comfy and cozy and sometimes that is just as important in an article of clothing as being the most exciting, sexy thing around.

Wednesday's dress was a bargain at only $15. I know it might look like I'm wearing a skirt and shirt (and in fact someone at work yelled at me for not wearing a dress) but it is a dress. The scarf you saw before and it's from Forever 21, the earrings which jingle-jangle when I walk are a billion years old and are from this incredibly tacky accessory store called Girl Prop that you can sometimes find decent stuff in (or at least you used to, I haven't been in one for years). I had another pair of shoes that I wanted to wear but they were predicting rain so I threw on my Melissa's.


I had never heard of Melissa until this summer when it seemed as if every other woman at my office had a pair. All of their shoes are cut from one solid piece of rubber and they're cute, fashionable and easy to clean. I bought a pair this summer thinking they'd be the perfect pair of shoes to travel with and great for rainy summer days as well. And they would except that I wear an 8.5 and the shoes only come in full sizes. This is a major pet peeve of mine as I wear an 8 and a half, not an 8 and not a 9. So after spending half an hour walking around the store deciding if it was better to go a tad too big or a tad too small, I went a tad too tight. I probably should have listened to Mirka and not bought them, but I was seduced by the utility of the shoes. Not so much utility if you don't wear them too often.

Today I am wearing another dress from Old Navy in an xl and this one was a mere $7, talk about a bargain! It is seriously nothing special, but I have very few dresses with long sleeves and I just can't resist 'em when I see them. With this dress I'm wearing purple, lace tights from H&M and all I can say about them is that I wish I had bought 10 pairs of them so I never had to worry about them dying a sad, ripped to pieces death and having no replacement. I'm wearing the ubiquitous purple belt from Primark, a headband from Goldy Mac and a cute elephant necklace (although when are elephants not cute) that I got at the Bust craftacular.

I wanted to wear green or gold flats today, but fall arrived in the last two days so I threw on some boots to keep my legs warm. There's a story to these shoes which is that I searched for a solid decade for a pair of purple cowboy boots before I found these. You can find cowboy boots in every color fairly easily save for purple. Seriously, every store has at least 5 pairs of pink, red and blue cowboy boots but never, ever purple. And then last winter I was shopping in the village and did my bi-annual stop into this random cowboy store on 8th street (owned by a gay, Chinese man, only in NY right?) and made my yearly ask of "do you have any purple cowboy boots?" Except this time he said "Yes, we have one pair on a sale in an eight and a half." And that's when my heart stopped for a minute. Had I found my holy grail?

I held my breath as the owner went to grab the shoes from the back. He brought them out and though they weren't the shade of purple I had envisioned in my cowboy boot fantasy, they were unbelievable none the less. I slipped them on and then I was a bit confused. Cowboy boots don't fit the same way as regular shoes do and I wasn't sure that they fit properly. But after a little lesson in how cowboy boots should fit my foot as well as having the boots stretched a bit for me I paid for them and eagerly brought them home where they have remained one of my most prized, material possessions.

My most beloved material possession

Wednesday's photo credit goes to Farrin who took my photo on the way out of work in our lobby and Thursday's credit goes to Lair-bear who is neither a bear or gay, but that is his nickname none the less.


  1. Oh, I know Farrin! She's cool. Hi Farrin!

  2. I have the same Old navy dress in black and navy...they have become a lounging around staple!