Monday, February 8, 2010

Anatomy of an Outfit

I was getting dressed yesterday the other day and at one point had to stop and laugh at all the different things I tried on before I was satisfied enough to leave the house. So I thought I'd take you on a walk-through of what it's like when I get dressed in the morning and all the different things that run through my head when I'm putting together an outfit.

The basics of the outfit stayed the same. I put on the pants, no excuse me "treggings" which I was wearing for the first time that I just got from Dorothy Perkins. Treggings is a terrible word and one I'd never heard before I was on their site. They're interesting, closer to pants than leggings and kinda remind me of something I once bought at Rampage for "post-prom clubbing." That however is a story for a very different time.

The top I got at Loehmann's and is one of those uber-soft, fancy cotton shirts. I cleaned out my long-sleeved t-shirt drawer the other day, throwing out anything that had a rip. I was pretty good, but I just could not bear to give this one away, even though there was a small rip on the seam. I made a deal that with myself that if I wore the top in the next month I was allowed to keep it, tear or no tear. Yay, I guess I win!

So I'm sitting in my room with treggings and t-shirt on, when I grab my black, cropped vest out of my closet and throw on a long black and gold necklace. I looked in the mirror and thought "no, not quite right, plus I might get cold" so I grabbed my long, black, cashmere hoodie. I put that on and didn't like the length. So then I tried a regular black cardigan and I didn't like that either. So I removed the vest and cardigan and stood there with just the necklace on as my only accessory.

I went to the blazer/jacket section of my closet and looked around and saw today's Torrid blazer which I don't wear that often, but I grabbed it and thought "aaah this will be perfect." I liked the blazer but I wasn't completely content with the look so I opened up my drawer of hair accessories and tried on a few different headbands, settling on the one I'm wearing which is from H&M.

Then while I had my drawer of hair accessories open I spotted this silver, sequined, skinny scarf that I got from some random store in London while we had been searching for hijab scarves for a friend. In the past I've only worn it as a belt or as a headband, but I had a blast of inspiration and thought "this might look good with the blazer." I tried it on, liked the look and then removed the necklace.

Amazingly and unusually so, I only tried on one pair of shoes and was happy with the first ones I put on. This is pretty rare. These boots I've had for many years and are from the shoe department at Evans.

Finally, my darling photographer of the day Ms. Ateqah decided we should snap me in front of my office wall since I matched it that day. I thought it was a funny idea, hence the mid-laugh photo, but I included it cause I love Ateqah and she liked it. Plus after everything I've told you, y'all probably think I'm crazy anyways so what's one more photo.

Am I alone in my crazy getting dressed in the morning saga or do other people go through similar things? On the upside, now I have a slightly logical reason as to why my bedroom always looks as if my closet has thrown up all over it.


  1. I go through the same things getting dressed! haha I think we all do. I think I sometimes change tops or pants at least 3x's before I'm satisfied and sometimes, I end up going with what I originally had on.

  2. Unfortunately, I don't have time for that in the mornings! I decide the evening before what I'll wear the next day (well, the main part of the outfit anyway, such as the dress) and then in the morning I'll add the accessories. I do sometimes try on a few different coloured tights, or different necklaces or scarves before getting it right though!

    (PS: I'm the Anonymous who liked your whimsical side to clothes/outfits and your smiley pictures the other day)

  3. I'm glad I'm not alone in my crazy outfit tinkering. My base usually stays the same but lord do I try on a lot of accessories. I heart accessories too much I think.

    Little Miss Plump (I LOVE your name by the way) the one I would really try not to do is try on multiple pairs of tights. That is just too much effort for me. Is is weird that tights is what gets me? I'm also glad that I now know who you are - yay!

  4. I'm having a day like that as well today. I adore your hair bow btw :)

  5. Funnily enough today I'm wearing the closest thing I can to sweats at the office. I should be reveling in wearing some fabulous, tight, revealing outfit while I can but instead I'm wearing leggings and a hoodie. I blame it on the snow.

  6. You look so sexy in that outfit! I love how your midsection is looking in that shirt!