Monday, February 8, 2010

Fake It Till You Make It

This is going to be a very, very quick post of last Friday's outfit. I'm going to be quick because I was still sad last week, which you can probably tell from my red-ringed eyes in the photo, but I'm in a much better mood this week and I don't want to focus on last weeks sadness. However I thought y'all might enjoy Friday's colors, which was another day of dressing the opposite of how I felt. My colors were bright, happy and cheerful and I was not. Folks kept saying I looked like I was colorblocking, whatever that quite means.

So in a brief rundown of last Friday's outfit.

I'm wearing these amazing purple Tripp pants that I got from Torrid in one of their mega clearance sales. They have these pants in a variety of crazy colors and after months of hemming and hawing I finally ordered a pair for like $15 and let me tell you I LOVE them. I think they're so much fun! The sweater is a hand me down from my darling Jamie. You might remember I wore an outfit using the same sweater in a similar color palette, but it was a very different look.

Now on to the accessories, my favorite part. I'm wearing a new, purple sequined bow that I got from Dorothy Perkins, which reminds me that I must update you on that international order that didn't go so well. The earrings are from Topshop and the necklace I got in a rainforest in Argentina.

And the shoes, ahh the shoes. I think these may have been the very first pair of shoes I owned from my beloved Office and if you can't tell from looking at them I have loved them to death. Seriously, I have had these resoled at least 4 times and they are stretched out and coming apart and fall off my feet half the time, but they are the perfect, gold flat and I can't find anything perfect enough to replace it with. I'm an 8.5 if you see anything that you think will work for me.

Photo credit goes to my work wife Nicole. Thanks love!


  1. I have that bow!! Its lovely ! ..Great colourfull outfit .xx

  2. I love your colors. You are able to pull off purple and yellow without looking like a Lakers fan (no small feat).

    But please, please, please THROW AWAY THOSE SHOES! I looked at the first picture close up and they are ruining your outfit!

  3. It's such a fun bow isn't it? It makes me smile every time I look at it.

    Throw them away Jamie, be still my heart. You think they're ugly?

  4. The sweater is really rad! It's like a mustard yellow, isn't it?

  5. Not ugly, just old and worn out. Those shoes need to be put to rest. It's not fair to who they once were!

  6. Comic_Cat it is a mustard yellow, a color I probably never would have bought but have grown to love in the form of a hand me down.

    Jamie I know you're right and as soon as I find a replacement, into the bin they will go.

  7. Hey Girl!! I love your outfit here!!!! Just read your comment on GC - What part of BK are those stores in? xxxx, e

  8. Elyse they're in walking distance of one another. LeeLee's is in Carroll Gardens and Re/Dress is in Boerum Hill.