Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The purple sequins are back, this time with a smile

Big upload 154

Not too long ago I blogged an outfit featuring a completely ridiculous purple, sequined hat that ever since I purchased it at Forever 21 for $4.80 has given me joy far exceeding its price tag. I wore the hat again, this time in a totally different way and thought I'd share the outfit with you. I kind of love how the outfit came together and it puts a smile on my face every time I look at today's pictures.

Big upload 152

Big upload 155

The hat of magical, mysterious wonder is from Forever 21.
The leggings are also from Forever 21 and in not so shocking news developed a hole after about 3 wearings. Not washings mind you, just wearings.
The vest is from Target and I was so excited when I found it as I'd been looking for a cropped black vest for over a year.
The purple vote necklace is from Brookadelphia and it has also been seen before, in fact in the same exact pairing with the second necklace, a pair of glasses that I got in Camden Market when I was last in London last June. God it's been ages, I really need to get over there again.
In some photos you'll see a jacket which is from Forever 21 and a scarf from Old Navy.
Boots which are scuffed, old and stained are from Evans and no matter how much you ask I'm not giving them up.

Big upload 156

Big upload 157

Sorry the posts have been short and brief of late. I've been having crazy busy days in India and by the time I have a few minutes at the computer I'm too tired to be witty or brilliant...hell forget brilliant, there's a very real chance this post doesn't even make any sense.


  1. Cute outfit and your necklace is amazing!

  2. This outfit is very me ! loving the purple-ness!

  3. Your hair looks amazing today!
    I also love photo #3 because you look so pretty in it. This further proves my theory that Rachel Bloom CAN NOT take a bad photo!!

    You forgot the photo credit which is usually my favorite part.

  4. The outfit is too cute! Hope you're having an amazing time in India! :)

  5. Thanks all! I really liked this outfit as well. I love it when something comes together so well and you weren't quite expecting it! It's like a happy little surprise.

    I'm off for a few days so no new posts till at least Saturday.


  6. I love it! Purple is one of my favourite colours (in fact, I'm wearing purple tights today!) but I'm not sure I could carry off that hat as well as you - you look fab! I love quirky necklaces, I wonder if Camden Market still sell those...
    Hope you're having a great time in India (me, jealous??!) :)

  7. I wanted to email you, but you don't have any contact details, so I'm sorry if this is a weird comment post on your blog. Firstly, I wanted to say thank you for a great and inspiring blog! I accidently found it in the middle of your third 30 dresses in 30 days project in September 2009, and it has become my favourite blog! Why? I also love dresses, and don't really wear trousers or skirts anymore. I also love purple and accessories, and you have definitely inspired me to try new things. I like your whimsical side (I mean, who wears a headband with pricked ears!) and that you always smile in your pictures! Why are you inspirational? I don't wear the same size as you and have a different body shape (I'm a UK size 14/16 and have a 32G chest) but your posts about your outfits and especially the pictures have inspired me to be less 'boring' and plain in my outfits. And people have noticed! I also love your 'motto'. I agree that self confidence is the best accessory. This is something I have been battling with for a long time, with self-hate etc. So thank you for an inspiring blog!
    And I don't want to sound creepy or like I'm stalking you, but I've had a chance to read through your previous posts that I've missed, and I have a few questions: Where do you work? I see you have a masters from LSE (I work there!), what did you do? I'm sorry if you don't want to reveal personal details on what is an outfit blog, but I'm just curious! (and not weird or stalking you or anything).

    Hope you're having a fab time in India, can't wait to see pictures from your travels! :)

  8. Little Miss Plump,

    First off thank you. Seriously thank you. That is the best thing anyone has ever said to me about my blog ever. I have the biggest smile across my face. Thank you! The fact that I'm inspiring you to embrace the whimsy in fashion and body acceptance is wonderful and makes me ridiculously happy. Yay for self love, YAY!

    Second, your comment reminds me that I really need to revamp some parts of my blog, including making sure my email address is up. I do have one - it's 30dressesin30days at If you write me there I'll answer your questions, I'd just rather do it in a bit more private space.

    I'm off to a new city in a few hours and am unsure what my internet availability will be like so it may take a bit for me to get back to you, but I promise I will. xx

  9. You look gorge in this! The hat is fabulous.