Sunday, September 13, 2009

Days 12 & 13. Weekend Wear

This weekend was filled with friends, brunch, shopping and park. All in all a good weekend. I went out for brunch on Saturday and Sunday and I didn't go into Manhattan this weekend which is always bonus points in my book.

Saturday was grey and dreary but a great day none the less. One of my favorite stores Re/Dress was having an indie trunk show so off we went after brunch. In case you haven't heard of it, let me talk about the amazingness that is Re/Dress. It's a plus size vintage store and resale shop (a la Beacon's closet and Buffalo Exchange) and it's the sort of store I've been waiting for all my life. I get to bring my old clothes there, sell them to the store and then go shopping and I often don't have to spend any money, I just use my store credit. It's uh-may-zing and I would love it just for that alone.

However Re/Dress isn't just a store, it's much more than that. The owner Deb Malkin is a wonderful woman and the store has become a community space for queer and fat activists alike. You go in there and it's just such a warm place to be and as an added bonus there's usually eyecandy around. As my shopping partner Nicole said, it's the sort of store that you just want to spend your money in because it's just such a great place. I have much love for Re/Dress, Deb and all the amazing fattie love they put out there in my world. Thanks for existing.

So...we went shopping and I got a vintage dress from the Re/Dress stock and this unbelievably adorable apron from Size Queen, one of the indie designers who was selling that day. It's a white, waist apron and I was hemming and hawwing over buying it as I couldn't quite see the utility of a white, waist apron even if it did have teapots and pink ruffles and pink pockets on it. Then Deb pointed out I could wear it when I serve food which was such a wonderful insight. So now y'all need to come over for dinner sometime so you can admire the cuteness of this apron.

As I said, Saturday was dreary and grey so I wore my new sort of sweatshirt dress that I bought just last week at Anthropologie. It's purple, what a shock. The dress is a size L from that brand named after the days of the week and which is far too long for me to type out. Tights are from Old Navy and I just stocked up for the upcoming fall/winter season. As you know I love dresses, so tights are a must to ensure year round dress wearing. As soon as ON puts their tights up on their website I buy one in every color of all their patterns. I am a woman obsessed. Boots are from Shoegasm, no that wasn't a typo and no I didn't get to name the store after two of my favorite things. Necklace I bought at Iguazu Falls in Argentina, bag is marc b concession from Topshop in London. The feather in my hair, aka the piece de resistance is from Fascinators NYC and I seriously can't recommend their products enough. Having a bad hair day, stick a feather in a bun and off you go. The best!

Feather fascinator

Sunday was the day that I kept forgetting to have my photo taken by folks, oops. I forgot at brunch, I forgot when I ran into my work twin while getting my nails done and then I forgot when I went to a picnic in the park. Well that's not quite true, I forgot till after the sun set so today's photo is not very good.

Dress is from Ross and is super booby. I have worn this to work with a cardigan, but I think I won't do that again. I'm wearing come cute earrings that I bought at the 5th Ave Fair in the spring with Karen #2 (I also bought yesterday's hair feather at that very same fair) and necklace I got at the Bust Craftacular. Pink sunglasses I bought on a trip to Brighton. Yellow sandals are via Old Navy and are being held in my hands, rather than on my feet because my feet were slidy from my pedicure and I didn't want to break my ankles.

See you when the work week begins.


  1. OK, if this blog is not already sponsored by Ross, it needs to be. Also, I would love to know who is taking all of these photos. Friends? Random passersby? I think it would be an interesting footnote along with the make and model of each dress that you already provide.

  2. I love the purple. Of course I would have worn this dress with black or grey cut tights and purple converse. And silver jewelry. But I'm so blah.