Thursday, January 7, 2010

I attempt to rock it like a hipster

Welcome to any new readers who are visiting my blog after Christina's massive end of year fatshionista post! I'm so excited to have you here.

So as my regular readers know I am a fan of color and sparkles and generally things that attract attention (not always in a good way, but I'm cool with that) so some of you will likely be surprised by today's outfit. A black dress with little color accents, how un-bloomie. But it was in honor of a friend.

Every day when I walk into work I pass by my friends A's desk and we have a mini fashion show. She and I could not have tastes further apart from one another - I love color, she loves black, I like ruffles and sparkles and glitter, she likes black...that is muted. But we both love clothing and fashion and compare our outfits every morning. It's one of my favorite parts of the day.

A was throwing a party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn aka hipster capital of the world, and I wanted to dress in the closest approximation I can rock to being a hipster. Considering my love of non-ironic colors and the fact that we were having ice rain the night of the party, I thought this might be a tad difficult. However I turned to my large and magical closet, sure that the right outfit would come to me and low and behold, I believe it did.

Today's dress I found while vintage shopping somewhere in Camden, London. I went to graduate school in London and lived in Camden and there are vintage clothing shops galore there. I've had to hunt to find things in my size, but I've found some of my favorite dresses in Camden.

So there I was hunting away when I found today's dress. I wasn't too sure about it as it is completely see through and I didn't then, and still don't now, own any slips, but I fell for the ruffles and paid my ten pounds. And then the dress languished in my closet for years. Literally years. It seemed to be a spring dress and I didn't own a slip and I didn't know how to wear it. I then realized that if I wore it in the winter I could rock it with leggings and a black bra and thus the dress was revitalized. I've always worn it with a belt to give it a bit more shape and structure. Today's belt is via Accessorize (another London store).

Other than that the leggings are Danskin and the boots are from Duo, the godsend British store that makes customized boots to fit your calves. The cropped military jacket was lent to me by my roommate and it is from Brooklyn Industries and I now desperately want one myself but it's no longer being sold. The headband is from Ross and the necklace I got at the 2008 Bust craftacular.

Photo credit goes to Shaffs and I am so happy we took pictures on the way to the party, rather than on the way home. The evening ended up being a bit messy, but in a fun sort of way.


  1. You look particularly lovely in each of these photos. As usual, the camera loves you!!

  2. Hiya ,

    Im a new reader found u thru the end of year posts xx I love ya style! work it girl !

    Jo xx

  3. Aww, thanks!

    Jo, so happy that you've found my site - welcome!

  4. I'm a new reader too :) You look beautiful and I am in love with that dress :)

  5. {Blushes} Thank you Jen, that's so kind of you.

  6. This outfit ROCKS!! No seriously, you look like a vixen in this.. Totally wonderful look. I dig it 100% and I'm by no means a hipster in any shape or form!